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Bath Junkies offers premium grade bath & skincare products

This summer, Pinoy Manila knows that everyone loves to go to the beach for relaxing and refreshing vacation. You want to flaunt your sexy body and flawless skin under the heat of the sun. But Hey! I found something on how you can achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Try the newest bath & skin care products in town- Bath Junkies

Bath Junkies is a premium grade, plant-based bath & skin care products with bohemian beach vibe. It offers 100% natural ingredients and reasonably priced bath and skin care products. There is also essential oil and plant based whitening & anti- aging active ingredients on these products for clearer mind, body &spirit.

I tried to use the soap and it washes off clean and doesn’t dry out my skin. Because the products have natural ingredients, it doesn’t irritate my skin like other brands. I like the lather effect and the scents of the soap that will make you feel cool and young. The products are pleasing and refreshing. I believe that if you will always use these products, it promises brighter healthier skin results.

One of the good things about Bath Junkies products, it is BFAD approved and formulated in small quantities to ensure are fresh, pure and of the highest quality.

Here are the following products of Bath Junkies:

Groovy Bath Bar (big- Php 100/ small- Php 45)

It promises to brighten not just your skin your mood as well. Our premium formulated bath sop bras contain Kojic Acid + Arbutin to take away skin discoloration and blemishes, lighten ski and Aloe vera Extract for that anti-aging smoothening effect. Each variant also has its own mood –lifting aromatherapy extract to ensure you have that ultimate fresh amazing bath.

Body Scrub (Php 250)

The perfect start for happy bright body skin is our body scrub with natural apricot scrub that takes away dead skin cells to renew your complexion packed with antioxidants and skin brighteners.

Bath Gels (big Php 235 / small-Php 120)

It promises your personal fresh bath experience with skin lightening and age-reducing ingredients the same as our bath bars. Use for hands or body.

Love Potion ( Php 120)

Savor the fragrance of a fresh bath the whole day through our LOVE Potion colognes.

Hand and Body Lotion (big- Php 235 / small- Php 120)

Enjoy the benefits of our skin brightening nourishing age reducing and moisturizing light and  nongreasy hand and body lotion

Experience feel good getaway at the comfort of your own bathroom. Bath Junkies store kart is located at the 2F Main Bldg., SM North Edsa. For inquiries and orders please email :,


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