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Social Networking:Is this a THREAT?

Social Networking has become very popular to young generations today, especially with the emergence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Friendster. It is one way of connecting people that involves sharing information with others and connecting with time by creating personal profile. It allows users to add friends, send and read messages; and comment on other’s profile pages.

Social networking sites can be used as a powerful tool in searching and connecting to your present friends as well your long lost friends. You can also find here pages of a specific artist/individuals, establishment/product/business and group or organizations.

Along with these benefits come some risks. Most social networking sites are open to all, which means young generation could be exposed to harassment and sexual advances.

I’m a couch potato.  While browsing the tv channel, I saw this news about problems to teens with Social Networking. It’s really  alarming because this social media will lead teens into threat.

Negative of Social Networking

  • Posting  raunchy photos (private /nude photos) that will cause embarrassment
  • Publicizing private and public offensive messages
  • Posting threatening messages
  • Spreading rumors
  • Addiction, resulting in lack of healthy engagement in major areas of life

How to protect yourself  on Social Networking Sites

  • Set your profile private. Read and Use the privacy setting.
  • Make sure your account is secure. Don’s forget to log-out if you are using other’s computer.
  • Screen the people who request to be your friend.
  • Don’t upload  raunchy photos of yourself.