Top 10 players of 2013 Jr. NBA Philippines All -Star Team announced

Dribbling, rebounding, passing, and lay-up are some of the moves we need to learn in playing basketball. Filipinos are really hook on this sport. I think every street in the metro,  there’s a basketball court. Is that right? Some of the players are dreaming to be part of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) or perhaps […]

Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

I was watching YouTube videos when I saw this three-minute video of Dove’s famous “Real Beauty” campaign, showing a FBI Forensic Artist drawing a series of women.


On the video, the artist is asking some questions each individual about their appearances. He is only focus on his pencil and drafting board without looking the subject. He’s just also based his sketch on how they describe their appearances.
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Rihanna Live in Manila for the 2nd time around

Make some noise to all Rihanna fans out there. The Barbadian recording artist will hold a Diamonds World Tour which Philippines included on her concert destinations. The concert tour is to support her seventh studio album Unapologetic that was released last year.

Rihanna Live in Manila 2013

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Netizen JV Ejercito Estrada Stays On Top Of Voters’ Choice

The Election Day is fast approaching. There are lots of political candidates who are aiming to be on the position and to have power with their respective territory. Pinoy Manila is now looking for politicians who really deserve to win in this coming May 2013 election.

As a blogger, I’m always online to check updates or notifications of my social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the help of these sites, I was able to communicate with my readers.

Upon checking on my twitter account, I saw a twitter post of UNA Senatorial candidate JV EJERCITO ESTRADA (@jvejercito), the son of the former president of the Philippines Joseph Estrada. The salon is very active on tweeting and replying to his followers. It really shows that he is an active netizen.


I checked this week’s SWS-W Survey and San Juan Representative JV Estrada was in the winning circle, at # 7-8, despite being on the opposition slate, and having to cut down on his campaign ads due to financial constraints. Read more about Netizen JV Ejercito Estrada Stays On Top Of Voters’ Choice

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‘No Water, No Moon’ album with brand new single “Carousel” by Bamboo

Its’ been a long time when I saw Bamboo Mañalac in person. He is one of my idols in the local music scene. Everyone would definitely agree to me that he is one of the best singers in the country on his generation. It really shows his passion in music everytime he is doing a concert or live performances on tv and others.

Bamboo Manalac

Pinoy Manila would like to share that PolyEast Records re-released Bamboo‘s debut album called “No Water No Moon” with a brand new single “Carousel.” Read more about ‘No Water, No Moon’ album with brand new single “Carousel” by Bamboo

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Stay cool with Outdoor Products

When it comes to bag, I always check the quality of it.  Yes! I want something affordable but sometimes that’s OK if it’s quite expensive as long I can use it for long a time.  Every travel adventure, I have with my cool- designed bags to bring all my apparel, which I make sure it’s durable and reliable.

Pinoy Manila found a cool backpack brand that everyone would definitely love to include on each bag collection- the Outdoor Products.

Outdoor Products

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A very inspiring story of a “barbero”

Pinoy Manila would like to share a very inspiring story of a “barbero” who never give up on achieving his dreams not only for himself but also for his family.


On the video, Mang Romy posted flyers on walls around the metro with his GLOBE number about hair cut home service. He was surprised a lot of people of calling him to avail his services. Later on, he gained more customers and was able to put up his own barber shop. Because of his hard working, his sons/daughters were able to finish school.  And also, the status of their life now is doin ok and continuously improving. Read more about A very inspiring story of a “barbero”

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With the Binibining Pilipinas Gold Winners

Five of the most beautiful Filipinas in the country were presented to the members of the press and media, in a press conference on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at the Cinema 4, Gateway Mall. Ariella Arida, Miss Universe Philippines 2013; Bea Rose Santiago, Binibining Pilipinas-International 2013; Joanna Cindy Miranda, Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism 2013; Mutya Johanna Datul; […]

The success of Landco’s 1st Tribeca Football Festival

Every summer, a lot of parents are enrolling their kids into different activities like swimming, dancing, badminton, ballet and others. They make sure their kids will do something that can benefit on their growth while enjoying their vacation. Pinoy Manila wants to share a sport that would definitely love your kids- playing football.

football in the  philippines

Here in the Philippines, the game football also known “soccer” is now in demand for kids. The game became more popular in the country because of the Philippine men’s football team, popularly known as Azkals.


Last April 21, Pinoy Manila was invited on the 1st Tribeca Football Festival, held at the 7-Aside Football Field of the Tribeca Private Residences. The event was organized by Leisure developer Landco with the partnership of Chelsea FC Soccer School Philippines and joint venture partner, ATR KimEng Land, Inc. Read more about The success of Landco’s 1st Tribeca Football Festival

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Maldita Studio — I Am Perfect

There are lots of salons in the metro that provide good services with pleasing ambiance. Somehow these factors we are considering everytime we want to visit a salon to have new hairstyle. Pinoy Manila wants to share a newly opened salon that can cater all your beauty needs.

Maldita Studio

Maldita, a premiere Filipino Clothing brand known for fashion and beauty, recently opened the new Maldita Studio in Quezon City.

Maldita Studio is an exclusive L’Oreal Salon with professionally-trained staff to attend to all your beauty needs like haircut, hair color, hair treatments and others. Read more about Maldita Studio — I Am Perfect

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