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Take a new shopping experience with Globe Charge

Globe recently celebrated GCASH‘s 10th Anniversary by holding the 1st ever GCash Bazaar at the Eastwood Mall Open Park.


The GCASH Bazaar featured 50 merchants coming from retail fashion, specialty market, tech and travel industries, among others. Shoppers can use the revolutionary and game-changing payment system known as Globe Charge for a more convenient, safe, and hassle-free shopping experience.


With the use of Globe Charge, shopping now become more easy and convenient. You don’t need to withdraw cash if you want to purchase items. Globe stores or their partner  establishments will use a smart mobile phone as point-of-sale card payment terminal. Globe provided them a small device, to attach on the phone. No need the traditional credit card payment machine.


In the bazaar, I saw lots of cool items, specially bags and shoes. There are also a lot of great finds when it comes to food and skin care products. I used my GCASH Mastercard to purchase a bag. The transaction was really fast.  The salesperson got my card and swiped it on the Globe Charge  POS system, which attached on his android phone. I key in my GCASH pin code and that’s it, transaction completed!

Globe Charge is service for business owners that enables you to accept Master Card and Visa card payments via smart phones and tablets. The service requires  a Globe Mobile Card Reader, Globe Charge Mobile App, and a Globe Charge merchant account.

For the account’s security of the business owners and customers, Globe Charge uses the best class-in-class authentication and security to protect card data at every step along the transaction process. It also secure because it is complaint with the Payment Card Industry Data Security  Standard (PCI DSS).

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