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"[Sponsored video]: Building Better Future with Toyota Hybrid Technology"

Toyota, a Japanese automobile manufacturer, has recently launched its latest campaign called “Toyota Dominoes“.


The company uploaded a video on its YouTube account (@Toyota Global) featuring its latest cars which created from Toyota hybrid technology. It started with colorful dominoes standing upright in a smooth, wavelike motion, and going to elagant and performance-inspired Toyota cars. The video comes with beautiful backgroud music.


The first car featured on the video is called the Hybrid. It’s Toyota’s full hybrid system uniquely combines electric motor with gasoline engine. Future owner of this car will definitely save fuel and lower emissions without sacrificing power.

A car that runs on 100% electricity is another latest innovation of Toyota. The white-small electric vehicle is powered completely by clean electricity. This car is the best for people living in urban areas. It’s small yet powerful vehicle.

For those car lovers who always think Mother Nature, the Plug In Hybrid is the best choice. It absolutely eco-friendly cars. The new car contributes to prevention of air pollution with reduced CO2 emissions and gasoline consumption.

Lastly, the blue car on the video is called the Fuel Cell, another environmentally friendly vehicle. It equipped with a “Fuel Cell” that generates electricity through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to power the motor driving the vehicle. Meaning, H.ydrogen, which replaces gasoline as fuel This model will be available in in Japan before April 2015.

Currently, the video now has more than 5 million views from all over the world. A lot of good feebacks posted for this new campaign ad of Toyota.

These great ideas of Toyota will build a better future. These cars are all environment-friendly which can help to prevent air pollution.

To know more about Toyota hybrid technology, visit its official website at“.

Watch the video below:

“This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all of the thought are our own”

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