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OLX announces several product changes for equal buying and selling opportunities

What you usually do to the unused items in your home that are still functional? Do you need it to keep forever in your storage room? Why you don’t sell it and earn from it. OLX will help you to earn money from your pre-loved items that are still good condition.

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OLX recently announced it is ow focusing on the leveling the online classified ads landscape to provide users with eqaul buying and selling opportunities. This means more Filipinos can now buy and sell stuff through online.

In the recent media gathering, the country’s leading buy and sell platform introduced the several product changes on the website. The self form has been simplified, allowing users to accomplish more in less time, such as selecting specific location for targeted queries and choosing item categories faster through auto-suggested feature.

In case you find a suspicious ads or someone did not follow the rules in buying and selling, you can report the person through OLX’s  page report button. This is then directly sent to the OLX support team for investigation.

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OLX has also removed its feedback system and implemented the limit on the number of free  ad slots. This changes will give equal selling opportunity to all types of sellers.

Aside from the buying and selling opportunity, you can get a lot of information and tips about buying and selling via OLX Yaman ( It will also feature user stories and lifestyle article s that cover various topics such as cars, real state, travel, fashion and tech.

OLX remains to be a FREE online classified ads platform where all OLX sellers cans still posts items at no charge.

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