U-HOP: PH’s first app-based shuttle service

One of the problems in the country is traffic. Everyone is really frustrated every time we stuck in traffic jam. The famous EDSA is always like a big parking lot during rush hour. While we wait for the infrastructures and facilities, we need an alternative. We need a transport solutions.


There’s an app based shuttle service that could somehow help to lessen traffic. It’s called U-Hop. It’s like UV express at the terminals near your homes and offices. The only difference is you don’t need to go to terminal and wait for long lines.  You just need to sign up for the service and they will pick up you on your preferred pickup time, place and destination.

The concept of this new service is like car-pooling. Instead each one of us will take a car or taxi, why we just ride in one shuttle service. It can somehow lessen cars on the road.

How To Use U-HOP

In the recent media conference held in Annable’s Resturant Tomas Morato,  the company invited Architect Felino “Jun” Palafox  to discuss topics like Global Trends and Practices, Modes of Urban Transport/ Ride Sharing, Transport Planning Concepts, Case Study of San Juan and Metro Manila Traffic and Solutions. Executives from U-HOP Philippines also shared a lot of information about U-HOP and how it will help commuters in the country.

How U-HOP works?

You sign up of the service. You have an option for daily round for trips for a week or for a month, or you can pay for unlimited rides for a week or for a month.

You pay for these services using card that you load up as how you would load up your cellphone. Using the app, you choose your preferred pickup time, place and destination. The app will sort out who among its users will be in the same vehicle and will generate a route so users can be picked up from where  they are.

What is U-HOP

The shuttle will send you a  message three times to notify you of its distance to your pickup spot. If you’re late, the shuttle will not wait for you, but U-Hop allows you to rebook next ride. You are entitled to one (1) free rebooking for a  week. If you have bought the monthly service, you are entitle to five (5) rebooking for that month.

Adding to the convenience of an app-based service, the U-Hop Shuttle System has in place a verification process to ensure safety. They screen their partner drivers strictly and through the app. They also verify their passengers.

Members can avail the following U-HOP services:

Round Trip – Php693 weekly
Round Trip – Php2,970 monthly
Unli Ride – Php 1400 weekly
Unli Ride- Php 6000 monthly

Choose the following service areas:
Metro Manila
Metro Cebu

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