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Unique gift this Christmas

Are you searching for Christmas gifts? Are you having a hard time on what Christmas present you want to give to your family, friends or loved one? Why don’t give them something unique and will make them healthy and beautiful.

Unilab Health Kit


Christmas is fast approaching. As early of now, some of us are now packing gifts for our loved ones.  Sometimes we are having a hard time to find the right gift for the person we want to make happy this Christmas. The common Christmas gifts we usually give are stuffed toys, perfume, accessories, books and clothing apparels. Why give them vitamins or beauty products as a gift.

Unilab, a trusted Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company, has a lot of  medicines, vitamins and beauty products that you can use as your Christmas gift. It offers health kit which include Unilab vitamins and medicines as well beauty pack, which includes Myra, pH Care and Celeteque.

I recommend to get the health kit. These medicines could be used to  cure illness, boost immunity,  add more energy and provide the essentials vitamins and nutrients needed by  body. One of the medicines is Biogesic, which is the best to cure headache, backache, and muscle pain. Wherever, whenever they go, they have the health kit in case in need of medicine.

Before you give the health kit, you need to make sure you know the health condition of the person. It’s advisable to give them the usual medicines that they are using to for colds, flu, toothache, headache, stomachache, etc. For your mom and girlfriend, it’s a wonderful gift for them to receive beauty products that will make them beautiful

How about you? What is your Christmas gift ideas?

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