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Find a #NewLove with Nestle' Temptations (Sponsored Post)

Falling in love again after breakup is something that will make you a better person and will give you a happier life. Not all break ups hurt, sometimes it’s a learning experience to have love at its purest best.


In the newest Nestle’ Temptations video, you will definitely feel in love again. Be like the girl in the video. You need to move on after heartbreak! Don’t think too much and don’t cry in one side of your room because your relationship with him/her is game over.  Follow what the girl did in the video. She hung out with her friend and socialized with other people. She continued her passion, date someone and found a #NewLove. Love doesn’t only happen in the movies. You can find true love in real life. 


Did you notice some familiar scenes on the video? At the beginning of the video, the girl was lying on her couch and feeling depressed because of the breakup. This scene was like what happened in the romantic comedy film Bridget Jones’s Diary starring  stars Renée Zellweger as Bridget, and Hugh Grant. This was the part of the movie where after Bridget ended her relationship with Daniel when she caught him with another woman.


One of the sweet moments in the video when the girl looked at the guy behind the glass. This scene was also done in the romantic drama film, Romeo + Juliet, from the adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. If you still remember the movie, while Romeo’s admiring the aquarium, he saw Juliet and fell instantly in love.


The guy in the gym was like Spiderman looking at the beautiful lady. It was very romantic. In the movie  Spiderman, this was the part where Spiderman saved Mary’s life from criminals and they had an upside down kiss scene.


At the end of video, a very romantic date between the two of them in a beautiful garden surrounded by candles and lights. Both of them are enjoying the new Nestle’ Temptations Ice cream. Who wouldn’t say yes to this  very tempting ice cream? For sure, you would be in love again if someone gives you a Nestlé Temptations’ ice cream.

Meanwhile the song behind Nestlé Temptations’ commercial video is “Say Yes to Your New Love” by Moira Dela Torre. What can you say about this song? Isn’t it lovely?

Watch Nestlé Temptations’ video below:

“This post has been presented by Nestle Temptations, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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