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5 Ways to Ruin Your Vocation

Vacation is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it happens only once a year. And it should not be about spoiled time and nerves, but should bring an ocean of positive emotions for the whole year!

How To Ruin Your Vacation

Here is a list of the most common mistakes you should avoid when going on a trip.

1. Travel with the wrong company.

You dreamed about a family vacation with your wife and kids. But here is a wife’s girlfriend, who has just found out that you are planning a family trip, is calling and saying joyfully: “Oh, that’s great! We will bear you the company!” This is when a quiet family trip turns into a three-ring circus with kebabs, loud music until the dawn and night swimming. You get angry, but understand that you cannot do anything about it…

Tip: Be courageous to say “No”. Of course, your refusal should be expressed in the correctly, "Sorry, but we have our own plans for vacation.” Your friend may be offended for some time, but she won’t dare to manipulate you the next time!

How to save money for travel

2. Count pennies

You wanted to go to a luxurious resort but, alas, you had not enough money for that. Therefore had to go to some dump, and count pennies. Instead of relaxation, you feel irritation. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when your children begin to sniff out, asking to buy something expensive, such as merry-go- round tickets or to take them to a water park. You did not count on such spending, but, refusing the child is an unpleasant thing to do.

Tip: It is not a big deal to feel comfortable in any resort if you stop feeling sorry for yourself! Find at least 5 advantages of the place you’ve come to. For example, there are few people on the beach or you have a nice housewife. Besides, make sure you have some extra money when going on vacation.

3. Let the work issues disturb you during the trip

You feel like you are in your dusty office, even being a thousand miles from your native city. This is probably because you are being constantly disturbed with the phone calls, “What should we do?” “How do we solve this issue?” Of course, it’s pleasant to feel like you are indispensable, but not at the expense of your vacation!

Tip: Warn all colleagues in advance that you will be unavailable during the vacation. Just turn off the phone! Do not take your computer with you, do not check your working email. Solve all working issues before leaving in order to make sure you will not be fired when you come back.

Travel with friends

4. Settle disputes with your spouse

You hope that she will stop spending all the time in social networks and Instagram! Not even close! It all became even worse on the vocation. It seems, she does everything to handbag you, and spoil your vacation! Quarrels, hysterics … What a vacation!

Tip. Trust me, your spouse is not doing all these things just to irritate you, it is just the way she enjoys spending her time. Try to ignore it. Postpone all the disputes to the end of the vacation. Or simply rest in different places and look for a Russian girl for relationships!

5. Keep to a diet

You have decided to come home in a new shape after a vacation. Therefore, courageously refuse eating sweets and delicacies. Most likely, you will give up your diet, and then you will reproach yourself for lack of willpower the rest of the vacation.

Tip. Leave all the experiments, until you return home. If you want to go on the vacation in an exotic country, it’s a sin to refuse to try some local delicacy. Do not torture yourself with daily jogs and exercises. After all, the vacation should be a source of a good mood!

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