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Best Alternatives to Lipozene

Lipozene is a diet pill with the content of natural fiber. The product is claimed to promote losing weight without a need to make changes in training or diet.


Glucomannan is the only active ingredient of the supplement. It is the Konjac root extract, which is a source of fiber. This soluble fiber reduces the input of fats and proteins, and provides suppression of craving.

It is claimed that the weight loss efficiency of glucomannan in Lipozene was proved in a study. The National Library of Medicine have conducted an eight-week research of this active ingredient, which showed zero efficiency and effect of glucomannan. Within the entire period of the research, no changes in weight or concentrations of lipid and glucose have been observed.

A standard package of Lipozene includes 60 pills in 2 bottles. The total price of a package is $29.95. However, it is advised to take two pills three times a day, which means that a month supply would cost around $90.

To sum up, these diet pills are a rather expensive weight loss supplement with bad efficiency. The manufacturer’s claims are based on a fake clinical study. In addition, many customers complained on various side effects, mostly related to stomach issues. For this reason, a potential customer should pay attention to the following best alternatives to Lipozene.


This brand is possibly the best diet pills in the market of 2017. The product contains natural components and is made to provide various health benefits like reducing craving, boosting metabolism, supporting health cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and many others. The main advantage of Sletrokor is the absence of stimulants and synthetic components.

The amount of active ingredients in the pills is 7. The largest part of the customers mention high efficiency and great results achieved using these pills. The producers offer attractive discount options for Sletrokor, depending on the volume of purchase. The more you buy, the lesser the price is. A standard price for one bottle is $59.99, which can be reduced to $35.99.

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia

This diet pill is based on the extract of Garcinia Cambogia fruit. The supplement is approved by FDA, as well as certified by GMP, which means the absence of contaminations or impurities in the pills.

The main ingredient of the pills is the extract of Indonesian tropical fruit, which promotes high efficiency in losing weight. It serves as a blockage to fat creating enzymes.

The conducted clinical studies proved the safety of the extract and revealed no side effects.The price of the pills is $35.99. It is a perfect cost for the purely natural product without any artificial additives. In addition to the pills, for this price you receive a diet book, containing the advised diet program.

Acai Berry Supreme

This diet supplement is also based on the extract of a natural plant. In this case, the main ingredient of Acai Berry Supreme is the extract of Acai berry. The ingredients is rich in various nutrients, such as iron, calcium, amino acids and different vitamins. The efficiency of the product is shown in numerous benefits including weight management, improvement of skin quality, and energy increase.

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