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Waves: A Story Of Enduring Love

Sun Life Financial Philippines recently posted a short film on their Facebook page. It talks about two millennials who have the same passion and interest, and become a lovers. It also talks about how investment can help you and your loved ones to secure with their future.

Sun Life Insurance Short Film

On the video, a group of friends were having great time in the beach. They’re drinking, eating, sharing happy memories and teasing each others. Two of the characters in the story became lovers. You can feel the happiness for both of them. I’m sure some of you can relate on this. You can’t explain the happiness if you’re together with your partner. Their smile, their kiss, their hug and their care, it’s really a wonderful gift.

Well, the video is a sad yet inspiring short film. It’s not just all about love and happiness that you can get of having a partner, it also tackles on how to invest for your future and for your loved ones. Like Marco, he invested with Sun Life Financial. He and Amanda have a dream to have a coffee shop. Some of the money he’s getting from work, he save it and invest with Sun Life Financial.

Saving money in the bank will help you lot in time of emergency. Getting life insurance can indeed make our loved ones be secured with their future. It’s one of the ways we can express our love with them. If uncertain things happen, your life insurance can help you and your family.

Though the story ended tragically, there’s a good thing happened in the story. Amanda was still able to open their dream coffee shop. The story shows how much Marco love Amanda through life insurance and at the same time on what Sun Life insurance can offer to us.

Watch full video below:

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