5 Signs You Should Go Boating in the Philippines

Though the Philippines is historically a maritime nation, few people in today’s current generation of Filipinos have considered taking up boating as a hobby. Some obstacles that they may face are the expenses, the time needed to learn certain skills, and the question of whether boating is worth it. But times are slowly changing, and boating is now more popular even outside of its traditional elite circles. Little by little, Filipinos are heeding the call of the sea and turning to it for leisure, livelihood, and healthy competition⁠—like they’ve always done for centuries.

You may be one of the people curious about whether you should go boating in the Philippines. What are the telltale indications that doing so will be a great decision on your part? Here’s a list of signs that you’ll enjoy boating as a new hobby and that you’ll make an excellent boatman.

You’re Looking for the Hobby of a Lifetime

It may be the time in your life that you’re thinking about activities and interests that are for keeps. You may be looking for a hobby that you’ll enjoy doing in the long term, and not just for a year or two.

For sure, boating is a hobby that can afford you that sense of permanency and long-term fulfillment. Better yet, it’s a hobby that you can get into at any age. You can build a base of nautical skills from your teenage years to your retirement years. And, you can even prepare for competitive boat racing and join a regatta even if you have no prior competitive athletic experience.

All the while, you’ll be part of a supportive and enthusiastic Filipino boating community. You may find not only a lifelong hobby, but lifelong friends in this activity.

 You’ve Saved Enough Money to Buy Your Own Boat⁠—or to Charter One

Boating is all the more fun when you can do it on a high-end vessel, with topnotch equipment and amenities. If you’ve saved enough money and are willing to commit to boating, you can purchase a state-of-the-art watercraft from a renowned brand. You’ll find exquisite options from among Europe’s finest boatbuilders from sailboat and motorboat distributor Europa Yachts Philippines.

With your own sailboat or motorboat, you’ll have full control over what your boating experiences will look like. Depending on which vessel you acquire for yourself, you can pursue leisurely weekend trips, full liveaboard vacations, or racing endeavors. Just know that if you are willing to put down for a new boat, there are many possible ways for your purchase to reward you.

Of course, even if you don’t have the money to buy your own boat, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy boating. You can always learn how to sail by enrolling in a sailing school, or you can even charter a boat to experience what life is like out in the sea.

You Want to Spend More Time Out on the Ocean

Some people have always had a love for the sea and craved to be near it. But time, resources, or other priorities may have gotten in the way. But what if you now have fewer limits on your time, money, and opportunity to travel? If this is the case for you, it may be time to answer the call of the ocean and go boating often.

Boating activities aren’t limited to lounging around on deck. You could branch out to even more ocean-related activities while you’re boating, such as fishing, snorkeling( check out one of the best snorkeling tours offered by Phuket Snorkeling Tour), diving, or island hopping. What matters is that you’ll be closer to the sea and have a better view of its spectacular beauty.

You’re Willing to Learn Awesome New Skills

The boating life also has a lot to offer for someone who loves learning new things. There’s no better classroom to learn from than the sea. You can learn things about nature, like how ocean currents and the wind move. You can also learn basic, timeless concepts about nautical science alongside things about the newest maritime technologies.

In addition to all these, you can learn teamwork and coordination from your boat crew. These are values that you can learn while on the boat and practice long after you step back on shore. So if you’re aching for unique learning experiences like these, boating will give you an excellent education.

You Want Bonding Experiences You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Lastly, it could very well be that you’re looking to deepen your relationships with your family, friends, or romantic partner. Maybe you’d like a change of atmosphere from the usual plane trip abroad or dinner in a fancy restaurant. You can get the same thrills while on a boat, and at the same time, a singular experience that none of these things can offer.

Boats trips afford the additional privileges of privacy and seclusion. On your boat, you can leave the noise of the outside world behind. You’ll spend uninterrupted time sightseeing, having delicious meals, playing games, sunbathing, or simply getting lost in conversation. If you want more of that in your life—and think your loved ones will benefit as well—you should definitely consider going boating.

These are just some signs that you’d fit perfectly into the boating life. But there’s only one way to prove that you’ll get the excitement you’re looking for—and that’s to go boating very, very soon!

Marco Dennis

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