A very inspiring story of a “barbero”

Pinoy Manila would like to share a very inspiring story of a “barbero” who never give up on achieving his dreams not only for himself but also for his family.


On the video, Mang Romy posted flyers on walls around the metro with his GLOBE number about hair cut home service. He was surprised a lot of people of calling him to avail his services. Later on, he gained more customers and was able to put up his own barber shop. Because of his hard working, his sons/daughters were able to finish school.  And also, the status of their life now is doin ok and continuously improving.

I really salute this kind of individual who always find ways to earn money. Don’t make an excuse that’s there’s no job in the Philippines (actually there are jobs but limited only) or you don’t have a bachelor degree. There are so many ways to get income. You just to need be “madiskarte” and hardworking. Am I right?

Check out the “Barbero” amazing story video below:

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