The song “Give Love On Christmas Day” talks about trying to find a present that is betterthan anything you get from a store.

At Bo’s Coffee, the holidays are all about “Give Love,” as coffee lovers can find ways toshow love for others in different forms and ways.

The Filipino-owned chain of coffee shops recently launched its holiday campaign, whichurges people to spend time with loved ones over through get-togethers, celebrations over asumptuous feast, and gift giving.

This truly reflective with Bo’s Coffee’s holiday offers, where you can show love and “GiveLove” by gifting family members and loved ones with something special this season—likeembracing them with the warmth of coffee.

“Our gift merchandise aims to give impact to our local farmers and social enterprisepartners in a positive way,” said Bo’s Coffee CEO Steve Benitez.

Bo’s Coffee is introducing its Reloadable Card and Planner, both of which highlight thebeauty and uniqueness of the Philippines and its coffee.

Philippine weave designs have been incorporated into Bo’s Coffee’s holiday designs like inthe cups. Philippine coffee, as shown in the glass sticker, is actually the coffee plant thathas been transformed into a Christmas wreath.

As a way of giving back to its roots, Bo’s Coffee incorporates the symbols and elements ofSagada and Philippine coffee to its Coffee Card design. The design includes Sagada’sscenery and the weave pattern of the Cordillera Autonomous Region. The details on thecard are hand-painted. Also highlighted are first of the five Philippine coffee origins—Matutum, Kitanglad, Apo, and Benguet.

The Bo’s Coffee Planner, which comes in Black and Maroon (the brand’s colors), alsohighlights the elements of the Philippine flag and coffee. Some of the planner coverelements are hand drawn to focus on Filipino artistry and there are indigenous weaves inthe pattern. The Bo’s Coffee Planner is nationalistic, well-designed and functional and isyour perfect partner for 2020.

You can get the Bo’s Coffee Planner, Bo’s Coffee Electronic Gift Certiicates,and other rewards by earning points through the Bo’s Coffee MobileApplication, which is another part of the brand’s digital initiatives.

Aside from selected gift merchandise and the new Bo’s Coffee Card, included in the Bo’sCoffee’s “Give Love” holiday campaign are Dark Mocha Macadamia Froccino, MochaHazelnut Froccino and Almond Buttercrunch Froccino. For pastries, included are ChocolateMousse Cake and Queso de Bola Cheesecake.

The Bo’s Coffee holiday beverages also incorporate flavors that can be traditionally found inChristmas setting. The Dark Mocha Macadamia is a blend of dark chocolate, coffee andmacadamia.

Almond Buttercrunch Froccino has caramel, nut, chocolate and coffee while MochaHazelnut Froccino is a blend of hazelnut spread and coffee.

Bo’s Coffee is a Filipino-owned enterprise founded in Cebu in 1996. It has over 100branches in the Philippines. Bo’s Coffee is known for sourcing its coffee beans fromfarmers in Sagada, Mountain Province, Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon, Mt. Matutum in SouthCotabato and Mt. Apo in Davao.

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