If you have been deferring your trip to Hawaii worrying about the escalated prices then you need to worry no more. While there is little doubt that this little piece of paradise comes at a cost, there are plenty of little known deals that will allow you to visit Hawaii on a shoestring budget. Hawaii is such a tempting destination due to the perfect weather and the incredible scenery, that few people are actually aware that this island can be explored by almost everybody without having any concerns about the cost.

The first step towards having a money saving vacation in Hawaii is to time the trip right. Once the peak season is over, costs of a lovely rental house in Hawaii and air tickets comes down drastically. The last two weeks of February, May, September and October are the times when hotels offer maximum discounts. Dining out and sightseeing take up a major chunk of the budget after the accommodation and travel tickets have been sorted out. Here are a few free or cheap places which one can cover and still experience the charm of this magical island. 

Find things which are free

The beaches of Hawaii are known the world over for their beauty and the unparalleled views they offer. They are also the best way to avoid making a hole in your pocket as they are free to enter. Moreover, even at the most popular of beaches like Waikiki, Oahu or even Hapuna, equipment for outdoor activities like surfing and snorkeling is readily available on rent for a small cost.

Apart from the beaches, the Royal Hawaiian Center organises free cultural programs from time to time, both for the locals as well as for the tourists. At this venue, complimentary introductory classes on Hula dancing, lei making, Hawaiian massage and others are offered on a regular basis.

Another spot, where you can admire the beauty of the area, its culture and archaeology, is by taking a hike through the Koala Heritage Trail. There are fourteen places to halt here, each of them passing through monuments which highlight the history of the region.


When it comes to accommodation, the prices for rooms in Hawaii can burn a hole or two in anyone’s purse. Having said that, there are number of places to rest your head on a comfortable pillow in Hawaii wh7ch can result in phenomenal amount of savings. For example, The North Shore Hostel in Maui has beds in their dormitories which cost less than 40$,if you are not averse to sharing your room with a stranger. While a private room could cost up to 100$, the perks which come with the price like, wifi, breakfast and transfers, make the cost worthwhile.

Hardly a block away from the evergreen and popular Waikiki beach lies the Waikiki Beachside Hostel, where reasonably priced dorms and private rooms are available. The Hostel lies adjacent to the shopping malls and nightlife outlets of Waikiki. Families can opt for the four bed dorms with kitchen and attached bathrooms. Facilities like Wifi, free coffee, tea and toast are also available.

Arnott’s Lodging and Adventures is your best bet on the Big Island. The property is in close proximity to a some fine remote beaches, hiking paths and hidden waterfalls. Accommodation options here differ as per the price, with dorms, semi private and totally private rooms available at 100 $ maximum. For the truly adventurous individuals, camping sites are provided for around 16$ a night.
If you intend to stay for a longer period, you can consider renting an apartment or condo, to further cut down on the costs. In addition these condos have a kitchen where you can save money on eating out. Pull out sofas are available to sleep guests or extra people, should the need arise.
Stay just at Honolulu or Oahu

There are so many different attractions on each of the islands of Hawaii, that any tourist will attempt to try out as many as possible. It is better to select one island, beforehand, to keep the costs down. Honolulu or Oahu may be the best option as both of these places are well developed and easily accessible. This makes the island much more affordable.

Stroll the grounds of Mauna Lani Resort

A simple hike through the gardens of this resort have a unique natural treasure – ancient Hawaiian Fishponds. Then at the Puako Petroglyph Park, explore the ols petroglyphs. North to Mauna Lani is the Fairmont Orchid opening up to some breathtaking beach scenery.

Visit the Macadamia nut factory

There are two farms here, Mauna Loa and Hamakua. Some factories offer free tours, which includes sampling also. The coating variations on the macadamia nut are unique and not found elsewhere on the island.

Dining out

You need not shell out a lot of money to enjoy a meal in Hawaii. There are early bird special discounts offered by many restaurants if you are seated before 6pm. There are many dinner truck options all over the island, particularly at Eat the Street gathering where around 40 trucks l7ne up to sell food for prices ranging from $5 to $10.

Though getting to Hawaii costs a bit of money, once there one can partake in many low cost activities or even free activities. The budget friendly suggestions given above will assist you in planning to see the top attractions without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to include Hawaii in your bucket list. It’s one of the best destinations that offers a lot of wonderful places that will surely complete your travel adventures.