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Recently, Enzacta introduced world-class innovative nutritional products to bloggers and online community at the Dome Cafe, Shangrila Plaza. Enzacta offers nutritional supplements that work like no other else. Most of their products have ingredients which are beneficial to our cells. Alfa PXP is the best-seller product of Enzacta. Tagged as “The Ultimate Food for the […]

Edward “The Burger Slayer” Garcia from Olongapo City hailed the champion in the recent Burger King’s Battle of the Stacks King, happened at the Burger King 2 E-Com Center at SM Mall of Asia Complex. The event was hosted by Sam Y.G and Issa Litton. It was joined by the 10 contenders together with their […]

I was invited in an afternoon of guilt-free chocolate experience hosted by Valor Chocolates, happened in Crowne Plaza last September 13. The event was joined by members of the press, bloggers, friends from Valor, among others. Valor Chocolates has been in the Philippines for more than 2 years. It was originally came  from Spain, founded […]

Foodies with big appetites for authentic-tasting Japanese fare are in for a filling treat. For meat lovers who want their meal extra satisfying, Karate Kid now serves up its latest offering Karate Chop, a savory treat for diners with supersized appetites. Karate Kid patrons who always crave for more will not be disappointed with the […]

Clawdaddy’s Seafood and Ribs Shack recently launched its newest restaurant in Harbor Point Subic. The new restaurant is specifically located in the First Level Harbor Point Subic Bay Freeport, Zambales. Food lovers will definitely enjoy Clawdaddy’s wide array of sumptuous delicacies specially their authentic crab meals. They are now also offering with their new and exciting […]

Shakey’s recently launched their  newest campaign that highlight their Chicken and Mojos. The new campaign is called “Chicken N’ Mojos Blowout,” featuring Shakey’s iconic products that are unique to the brand. Foodies can only find the classic crisp, juicy flavour-packed chicken and deep-fried potato slices  in Shakey’s. Incoming search terms:chicken n mojos blowout priceshakeys chicken and […]

Who loves chicken sandwich here? Count me in coz I really love chicken sandwich especially if it is came from the original home of the Whopper, Burger King. I’m now excited to share you guys about the latest chicken sandwich of Burger King which is fresher, juicier, more “Fillet-vorful”- the Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich. […]

When we say WELLNESS, it’s a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results to a good feeling. It’s a process of making the right choice toward a healthy living. Everyone definitely wants to have a successful existence in this crazy world. Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about wellness is because Robinsons Supermarkets […]

I went to 7-Eleven to buy midnight snack when I saw the newest promo of Selecta Magnum – the Magnum PowerBank Promo. Get a limited edition of MAGNUM POWERBANK when you buy Twelve (12) Magnum bars. You can either buy the Twelve  (12)  magnum ice cream bar in just one time purchasing or one at a time […]

Angel’s Pizza. Pasta. Combo recently introduced the newest addition on their delicious pizza- the Chicken Parmigiana. The Chicken Parmigiana features chicken chunks, cheese, greenpepper, tomato, culinary cream, among others. Honestly, I really love Angel’s pizza. What I like Angel’s, they offered sumptuous yet affordable pizza and pasta. Everytime I have order delivery with them, they […]