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There are lots of painful stories about acne. Most of the time, people who have acne tend to avoid social events and shy away from situations where their skin is the spotlight. It’s sad to say this kind of skin problem gives negatively impact how they feel about themselves. I really feel them. There’s a […]

Star Wars fans or not, the ‘Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens‘ is really worth to watch. With the new characters, the film became more interesting and exciting. There are some iconic characters appeared on the new episode but some are not and others will no longer be seen on the next sequel. With […]

Traffic, parking and huge crowds– and you haven’t even entered the shopping mall yet. It’s enough to snuff out even the strongest of Holiday spirits. Christmas shopping can be time consuming, stressful and sometimes even dangerous, that is why moreand more people are deciding to skip the cashier queues and are opting to shop online […]

Every woman even man wants to have a fairer and smoother skin tone. Some of us use beauty products like skin lightening creams, skin bleaching soap, whitening  lotion, glutathione, Vitamin E and other pills to lighten our skin. If you want to have flawless and fair complexion especially your face, there are lots of over-the-counter beauty […]

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, popular for their loveteam, #AlDub, are the newest celebrity endorsers of Belo. The Belo Medical Group recently posted a photo of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on their official Facebook page. They welcomed the two actors to the Belo Family. Along EDSA,  you can find now the billboard of Belo featuring […]

Kalyeserye star Maine Mendoza is the newest face of Bench. Ben Chan, the founder of the fashion and lifestyle clothing brand, Bench, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account with Yaya Dub. The businessman put a caption on the IG photo where he officially welcomed Maine to the Bench family. “The right time has […]

Every man aspires to be the alpha male—the captain of industry, a star of the big screen, at the helm of the ship, the leader of the pack. This innate desire to strive to become the best has been hardwired into man’s primal instincts since the earliest of civilizations. In prehistoric times, genetics were the only factor that […]

Proactiv, the skin care product choice among Hollywood’s elite, tapped Filipina celebrity Alex Gonzaga as its newest brand ambassador. Alex Gonzaga is the first Proactiv Filipino endorser. She now joined Proactiv’s roster of celebrity endorsers like Justin Bieber, Katty Perry, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, among others. Incoming search terms:all about the filipino actress alex gonzaga

Buffet is always associated with food. You can eat and drink with no limit for just one fixed price. All featured delicious food and refreshing beverages available inside the resto are unlimited. You can taste everything with no extra charge. What if this concept will be applied to a shopping event? Would you consider joining to […]

Good personal hygiene is a must for every individual. It is a practice to clean and care your body to maintain health and keep away from diseases. Personal hygiene could be taking bath, brushing your teeth, wearing clean clothing, washing your hands or using products that will make you clean and fresh. Lack of hygiene will result […]