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Bakers Maison introduces breads and pastries from all over the world

Who loves bread here? Me! I love it so much! The bread is a staple food for most people. It's an excellent alternative to traditional sandwich bread or rice. It also play an important role in your diet by providing many nutrients, such as dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Recently, I

Vogue Wearable Wristband Leather Earphones Review

When I'm looking for good earphones, sound quality and design are two of the top features on my list. There popular brands are both inexpensive and offer competitive specifications. I'm currently using the Vogue Wearable Wristband Leather Earphones. These are the earphones I use every time I go to work and

Can Your Cellphone Cause Acne?

Did you know that our mobile phone can cause acne? Yes, too much exposure to mobile phone heat is not good for our skin. It also picks up dirt, germs and bacteria from all over the place which being transferred to our skin when it gets in contact to our skin to

Giordano Announces Voltes V Tee Design Contest

Some people are naturally gifted with an amazing talent. Most of  the time, these talented people used their  skills to support himself and to succeed in life. Others are using their talent to join to different contests and to win some exciting prizes. If you have a talent in shirt designs, here's

Be more productive with CD-R King Bluetooth Headset

With the Anti-distracted Driving Act being implemented earlier this year, we can expect most motorist to be fully focused in their driving without neglecting their own safety and the safety of others. Though it is anticipated that some would still try to work around this law due to their busy schedule

Promate 9000mAh BoltQC Power Bank Review : More Efficient, Charges 4x Faster

Powerbank is essential for every smartphone users. There are some situations, it can be simply life-saving. For example, you are expecting a very important call from one of your clients and your phone goes off!  How about if one of the members of the family or a friend need your help