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Yoga is not just a simple exercise. It needs full discipline and 100% dedication if you’re aiming for good health and a fit body. You need to start from the basics and learn breath control, genuine meditation, and proper postures. You need to avoid activities that lead to bad posture habits.

Diwata Universal Yoga Mat Review

In yoga, you need to wear proper clothes so your body can move easily and comfortably. A bottle of water is also a must-bring item to stay hydrated. Another important piece of apparel that you need to bring when joining a yoga class is a yoga mat. This will help you to prevent your hands and feet from slipping.

Yoga Lesson in Manila

Speaking of yoga mats, I found a unique yoga mat that features hand-painted art. It’s from Diwata Universal Enterprises, an art and design company that produces beautiful-designed mats. The artist behind their mats is none other than the gorgeous artist Katherine Anne Alano is popularly known as Kat Alano.

Yoga Designer Mat

Kat is the face of Diwata Universal Enterprises. The actress discovered she could paint during the period when she revealed she was a rape victim. Kat used her talent to set herself free and on a path to recovery from repressed emotions and hidden traumas.

Kat Alano

The art represented on each mat signifies a step in the healing of Kat after her traumatic experience and its soft fabric and unique designs are created with the intention of inspiring people and reigniting a spark of belief in themselves that is often missing in today’s society.

Yoga Mat Review

Diwata Universal Enterprises offers designer yoga mats inspired by art pieces, which come in different designs. Featured collections include Buzzed in Sagada, Sari – Peacock Design, Trinity – Dragon Design, Duality-Sun&Moon Design, Superdust- Spaceman Design, and La Calavera – Mexican Skull Design.

Diwata Yoga

When I saw all designs, it gave me a hard time which one I need to choose. All designs are really amazing. The paintings, the stroke and the combinations of colors are very detailed. These are great art masterpieces. You will feel each mat design has its own message.

I picked the colorful Mexican skull design because it is very pleasing to my eyes. It features colorful vines, flowers, leaves, Mexican-style psychedelic patterns and a skull that has bright gold eyes and golden teeth. This piece was inspired by el dia de los muertos in Mexico. The skull represents death and the mandala flower represents new beginnings and new life.

Yoga Lesson in Manila

Aside from the unique designs, I also like La Calavera, it’s excellent on dry traction. I’m really impressed with the stickiness and traction of the mat. You will feel safe every time your hands and feet begin to creep in opposite directions. The designer yoga mat has also a very comfortable surface, providing a nice feel on your hands and feet.

The designer yoga mats 173c X 61cm X 4mm are made up of natural rubber bottoms. The materials used in the production of these yoga mats DO NOT contain any animal products. It’s also a printed microsuede top or printed microfiber top.

Yoga Mat in Philippines

Portability is a very important consideration for some who plan to travel with their mat. You need to consider the size when rolled and its weight, as it gives weight under your arm. The mat is not only for yoga and working out, it’s also for play and relaxation. I personally love to bring my yoga mat every time I go out of town. I roll over the mat on the white sand, sitting there while looking at the magnificent view of the beach. It’s the best travel companion.

Diwata mats could be also unique decorative art pieces for your home, office, or studio. This hand-painted artwork could be used as a wall decoration or a beautiful centerpiece on a big table.

The price of the designer yoga mat is Php 3,500 in the Philippines and $119. 99 for orders outside the country. FREE SHIPPING for all orders placed online. For bulk orders, please email them at

For more information on Diwata Universal Enterprises’ yoga mats, visit their website at Follow them on  Facebook and Instagram at @diwatauniversal

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