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FKC TayoCash Partnership was held last July 8, 2021, at FKC Makati Head Office. Top FKC Leaders and Corporate Executives of FKC Philippines and TayoCash Inc. witnessed the contract signing a great moment between the partnership of the two companies who were represented by Mr. Paul Pope Bautista FKC Philippines Head of Operations, and Mr. Vladimir Cariño, Business Development and Acquisition Head of Tayo Cash Inc.

FKC International Inc. is an American company that provides high-quality health products and has been recognized by many consumers in the Philippine market. At the same time, TayoCash Inc. is an electronic money issuer & e-wallet company licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The partnership of the two companies aims to provide the best cashless service to its members to enjoy the efficiency of receiving their commissions and transactions with comfort and convenience.

During the ceremony, Mr. Vladimir Cariño, Business Development and Acquisition Head, showed and discussed the exciting features of the TayoCash application, which is very timely and useful to our members, especially during these challenging times. “The pandemic hindered many business transactions, but this alliance can help in developing better service to customers,” according to FKC top leaders. The Q&A and role-playing activities have greatly inspired the enthusiasm of FKC members to develop stronger confidence in their business with more spirit of FIRE (Fun, Inspiration, Recognition, and Education).

FKC Philippines is unanimously committed to serving the Philippine market with Friendship, Kindness, and Care values. They have big reasons for celebrating this innovative strategic alliance and work with more partners in realizing the corporate mission of bringing better health to planet earth.

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