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If you are looking for a clothing brand that offers nice and unique shirts, you might want to check INSPI. It has a wide array of collections of fun, playful, and inspirational shirts that fit all ages. From your favorite Marvel heroes collection, Star Wars collection, and Disney collection to Korean Inspired clothes, INSPI has many designs to meet the lifestyle needs of the market and to bring out the personality of each individual.

If you are one of the online shoppers who are waiting for the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Deals Sale,  I have great news for you. INSPI will be part of this much awaited Online SALE. You can get up to 74% off on your favorite statement tees from INSPI!

Below are some of the INSPI statement tees that you might want to buy on the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Deals Sale:


INSPI BTS Inspired Oversized Shirt Collection Graphic Tshirt

For all the fans of the South Korean boy band, BTS,  the clothing brand created premium quality statement tees featuring BTS. One of the best sellers for this collection is the tee that has the design of butter.  The design was inspired by the famous BTS song, “Butter”.  It’s only P259 and available on Shopee.



INSPI Oversized Shirt Collection Graphic Tshirt

If you love oversized shirts, INSPI has something for you. The brand offers oversized shirt collection for men and women featuring front and back text graphic short sleeve tees. You can partner this tee with your favorite shorts or denim pants. The price is from ₱189 to ₱300 and is available on Shopee.



INSPI Korean Inspired Jacket

It’s already rainy season and it’s time to bring out your jacket and sweater. If you are still looking for a nice jacket, you might want to check the INSPI Korean Inspired Jacket. It’s soft and comfortable to wear. The jacket has full zipper closure, elastic rib hem with pockets. You can get it for only P299 at Shopee.

Why do I love INSPI statement tees? The designs are cool and eye-catching. I also love the quality of the cloth, it’s very comfy to wear. NSPI truly brings happiness and Inspiration through its designs

To know more about INSPI and its collection, you may visit its website at Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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