GSK launches “Say To No Ngilo” campaign

Did you know that 9 0ut of 10 Filipinos suffer from Pangingilo and majority just endure and settle with the pain. Are you one of them who are experiencing this teeth problem? How you fight teeth sensitivity/pangingilo?

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) together with Philippine Dental Association (PDA) recently launched its advocacy to fight against sensitive teeth/pangigngilo – the “Say To No Ngilo” campaign.

Luis Manazano togeteher with friends from GlaxoSmithKline and Philippine Dental Association

The “Say To No Ngilo” is an advocacy campaign where Dentists, Consumers and Sensodyne come together to enjoin everyone to heed the call to take action to no longer endure the pain of the pangingilo.

Why we are experiencing Teeth Sensitive/ Pangingilo?

Some experts from state that If a sip of cold water or soda or sip of hot coffee is sometimes sometime painful, you may have a common problem called sensitive teeth or “pangngilo.” Some of the causes of this teeth problem include tooth decay, a crack tooth, worn filings, etc. that are exposed as a result of gum recession and aggressive tooth brushing. There are experts like the Wichita clear aligners in wichita meschke smiles that can help.

Sensitive teeth can be prevented and treated. One of the best ways to prevent sensitive teeth/ pangingilo is to use Sensodyne. It is the #1 toothpaste sensitive brand in the country, recommended by dentists for dealing with dental emergencies and provides clinically proven relief and protection for sensitive teeth. Going to the dentist Lewis Center to get your teeth checked is a good idea.


Meanwhile, the launching event was hosted by Angel Jacob, joining with members of the press, friends from GSK, Dentists from PDA, among others. It’s also joined by campaign advocate Luis Manzano, who also suffers teeth sensitive/pangingilo. Getting Dental Checkups from time to time is crucial to have good oral health.

Aside from the “Say To No Ngilo” campaign, GSK launched the Sensodyne sachets. The Philippines is the first country in the world where Sensodyne is introducing the sachet format.


Sensodyne, from the multinational pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline, offers a range of specifically formulated toothpastes, toothbrush and floss. It works to relieve paid due to pangingilo and to provide clinically proven lasting protection all day,everyday when used as directed. Sensodyne has become the favorite toothpaste for sensitive teeth/pangingilo of dentists around the world.

Sensodyne is now available in sachet nationwide for only Php 10 (based on SRP). For more product information, log on

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