HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is a collection that expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity with graceful forms and exceptional comfort. The partnership between New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima and UNIQLO enters its sixth year in 2020. Drawing inspiration from nature, these universal designs with a unique discriminating sense incorporated in fine details and focused on comfort, warmly support the everyday lifestyles of all women.

Abandoning the conventional thinking of adapting bodies to fit clothes

Women’s bodies continue to subtly change with age and the progression to each life stage. The aim of HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is a collection that adapts flexibly to such body diversity, and gently supports the wearer. Rather than forcing bodies to fit into conventional sizes, these clothes flexibly change to match individual forms. The shift to this extremely simple idea frees women from stress and worry over clothing, and provides them with an element of strength to wear.

First Love – Remember the excitement of discovering the joy of trying on clothes

As children we secretly tried on adult clothing, rolling up the sleeves to fit, and gathering the waist and fastening it with a clip. The 20SS collection is built around such memories, the excitement of first discovering the joy of trying on clothing. An oversized trench coat cinched with a belt creates a graceful drape, while bottoms with a loose-fitting silhouette sway with movement, drawing elegant lines. The color pallette, centered on light yellow, comprises many calm hues taken from plant life. This collection offers an affable image of women as strong, beautiful, and full of life.