How to Sell on eBay

Every day about 150 million people sell, buy and make their bids on one of the largest online markets – eBay. This is a place, where you can sell almost everything, including clothes, books, devices and many other things.


Some users, which became successful on eBay, started to gain income and quit their full-time jobs. However, it is not about gaining a huge profit, but generating an additional income by selling items, which lie idle in your home.

Here are some advices provided by successful sellers, which will be in use for your eBay activities.

1. Marketplace for you
You have no limits in selling the items, i.e. you may use global service or a localized one depending on your country. It is recommended to start with the local sale due to the shipping fees.

2. Page of your store
Make sure that your store page is a peculiar and special one, in order to stand out among the competitors.

3. Product description
The description of your product should contain up to 3 relevant keywords for higher search ranking. It has to be detailed and reflect all possible indexes and peculiarities of a product. You may use capitalized letters to draw the users’ attention.It is recommended to compose a description of 200 words, placing the most important keywords listed in the end and at the beginning.

4. Product category
The more categories you choose, the higher probability is to sell your product.

5. Alluring pictures
A bad picture of your product may ruin all your selling expectations. It is allowed to upload 12 pictures on eBay, so make sure to make them attractive and real. You may use some software, such as PicMonkey or Canva, to make improve the quality of your photos.

6. Marketing analysis
Use the eBay’s search to find the same products and their prices. Make a prices analysis of sold and unsold items (marked green and red respectively). It is not obligatory to use the eBay’s search. Check the prices on other websites or portals. The key idea is to find the most appropriate price and some information to add to description of your product.

7. Total price calculation
The total price of your product should consist of the price itself, shipping costs and eBay seller’s fees.

8. Price model
You may choose a sale option for your products, namely, fixed price model or product auction.

Fixed price model stipulates setting of your price and expecting for the purchase. Piece of cake.

The other thing is the product auction where you have to determine the starting price for your product, establish the time of action, and invite bidders. In order to win, a bidder has to propose the highest price within the specified time.

Auctions are good for some rare items and can bring more income. Fixed price model is recommended for multiple items or in case of urgent sales.

At the end, it is advised to highlight your shipping policy, warranty and other terms and conditions. You sale activities do not need any negative feedbacks, so try to avoid any misunderstanding. Provide your buyers with the most essential information.

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