I am guilty, I love Soyami Soya Chips

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when I woke up with my friend’s house. This the best time to make some good and exciting adventures (travel trip) together with my friend. Mark was still sleeping, so I went to veranda to eat my “baon” SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS.


After hours reading of magazine and eating SOYAMI, Mark called me downstairs to take our breakfast. I didn’t know he’s already awake and will prepare our breakfast….so sweet for a friend like him…lol. I went to the kitchen bringing my SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS.

Mark: Hey dude! What is that? Is that a junk food?

Marco: Actually, it looks like a junk food but this is healthy snacks. Try this one…..SOYAMI

Marco: Huh? SO YUMMY? I know I’m yummy but what I’m asking is that junk food. It is just 9 o’clock in the morning and you are eating that kind of food.

Marco: I’m already hungry so I eat our snacks for our trip later. And what?  You are Yummy? hahaha Are you joking? Come and look at this….SO-YA-MI- not so yummy.

Mark: Ah..I thought I’m so yummy! Hahaha

Marco In Your Face!

Mark: But anyway, SOYAMI is still a junk food!

Marco..Dude you are wrong! Junk food like potato chips has too much salt or should I say there is MSG on it plus fats and has poor nutritional quality. Soyami Soya Chips is different for other chips available in the market. It is a healthy substitute to what we call “junk foods.” It is made with Real Soya, no MSG, High in Protein and Calcium and 0% transfat.

Mark: Ah that’s good. Can I try it?

Marco: Sure! And man! You can choose from its  3 flavors: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar.

Mark: Wow! That’s great..Later, let’s go to the store and buy for more.

Before I introduced SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS to Mark, I’m guilty in eating lots of junk foods. I love to eat fried fast foods like burger and French fries, and carbonated beverages as well alcoholic beverages. My favorite of all is the potato chips. Watching movies, chatting with my friends, walking in the street and even during blogging, I should have potato chips on my side. I know too much eating of junk foods will get me ill. But how can I stop it, junk foods are all delicious.

Soyami Soya Chips
I am guilty, I love Soyami Soya Chips

Thanks to SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS. I can eat my snack without a guilt. The right snack that will give me energy boost to help fuel my body. It is naturally delicious and power packed with protein and calcium with 0% transfat for ultimate snacking satisfaction. The tasty chips that crunches so well.  A total guilt-free snack and deliciously healthy snack that will make you crave for more!.

So what are you waiting for,  visit the nearest groceries and buy Soyami Soya Chips- a healthy snacks for everyone.

For more information about SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS, visit their website at http://amsoyami.com/ and Like SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/HealthySoyami and Follow SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS in Twitter @healthysoyami


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