Jessie J with her Phenomenal Debut Album, ‘WHO YOU ARE’

With an infectious laugh, 6-inch heels and a perfectly styled bob, she walks into the room and goes straight to the piano. Possessing a good sense of humour, a raw British accent and an un-doubtable eye for fashion, Jessie J has arrived. “I can’t play…man, I wish I could. I just like to pretend I can,” she smiles.

Although she may not be able to play the piano, Jessie J is armed with the chops to blow people away, and the song-writing skills to pen a worldwide hit. After one listen, it’s clear the extraordinary Jessie J stands alone. For Jessie, her debut album, WHO YOU ARE, showcases the skills of a gifted lyricist while highlighting an unforgettable journey.

Melody has always been the driving force behind Jessie J’s successful career as a singer/songwriter. At 17, Jessie wrote her first song “Big White Room.”  The song was inspired by real life events and has followed Jessie J throughout her career, and it remains a YouTube and crowd favorite when she performs it live. In the last few years, Jessie has penned songs for the likes of Chris Brown and Lisa Lois the Holland X Factor winner.  Her life also inspired the melody of a major hit record; “Party in the USA” sung and performed by Miley Cyrus. “When Dr. Luke texted me saying my song was #1 on iTunes, I thought it was a joke!” she laughs.

Now, Jessie’s ever more geared up to make it big and pose a remarkable impact in the music  industry as an individual artist, revealing to the world who she is and what she’s made of through her highly-anticipated album, WHO YOU ARE. “I feel like my album is an example of what exists in the world of music right now. It’s like my album is an iPod…  it’s like when you go clubbing these days, you don’t have a pop room and a separate R&B room, they’re all together. People just appreciate great music…”

Much like Jessie herself, a lot of songs on WHO YOU ARE, are of the fun, upbeat variety she displayed in previous songs such as, “Party in the USA.”  Other songs that have had immense reactions on YouTube include “Rainbow,” “Stand Up” and “Whose Laughing Now”—all written about personal times in her life.

Mix a bit of Rihanna with Gwen Stefani, add the charisma of Pink, and you will start to get an idea of what kind of girl Jessie J is. As much as she can be a voice for the hard times, those soulful, Aretha Franklinesque vocals can also soundtrack the best of times too. Take the Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus) produced song “Price Tag”—an upbeat, energetic dance number that highlights Jessie’s booming voice and can still stand out amidst glossy production. “Price Tag” feat. B.O.B. continues to rave the airwaves, instantly becoming a # 1 hit in our local radio charts.

 There’s also the live staple, “Mamma Knows Best,” which showcases her hair-raising range and is an extremely funky ode to her loving parents. “My mom and dad always know best. I hate to admit that sometimes, but the song says it all. I base my confidence on purity and I want to be a role model… I want people to know that I am an unedited version of myself. I plan to expose the good and the bad to show that life is about being WHO YOU ARE…”


1)       Price Tag feat. B.O.B.

2)       Nobody’s Perfect

3)       Abracadabra

4)       Big White Room

5)       Casualty Of Love

6)       Rainbow

7)       Who’s Laughing Now

8)       Do It Like A Dude

9)       Mamma Knows Best

10)   L.O.V.E

11)   Stand Up

12)   I Need This

13)   Who You Are

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