Sustainable social systems are pivotal to shrinking modern environmental footprints and making urban living more comfortable and convenient over the long term.

For this season, UNIQLO has shone new light on LifeWear with Outdoors , Work & Craft , and Art & Design categories that embody its enduring commitment to keeping people comfortable and making life better.

Outdoors – Bringing urban and natural landscapes together through design

Man made structures coexist happily with nature in many urban settings. Houseboats have long been a feature of Amsterdam’s canals, for example, and are popular tourist attractions. A new initiative generating international attention is in Lower Manhattan, New York. Here, a waterfront mega project featuring natural landscapes is being engineered to resist natural disasters, and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

UNIQLO’s designs for 2020 Spring/Summer celebrate the convenience and functionality of cityscapes and natural environs to materialize better living.

BLOCKTECH Parkas protect from the wind and rain while at the beach or while strolling along the waterfront. Dry Sweatpants offer excellent ease of movement and offer quick-drying performance, making them perfect for everyday and sports use.

Pocketable UV Cut Parkas are incredibly light and compact, making them perfect to keep in the backpack in case the weather turns while cycling to work. Light Padded Parkas warm you after water sports. The modern silhouette makes them an excellent match for thick items, so they work well as everyday wear.

Then there are Long Parkas employing a shiny parachute fabric that is reminiscent of reflections off calm waters and skyscraper windows

Work & Craft – Back to basics
Ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Efforts to expand urban farming for local consumption are thus attracting tremendous attention. That is because such agriculture can slash transportation costs and lower food wastage, thereby reducing the carbon footprints of cities. Rooftop farming can cut noise pollution and enhance insulation from the elements, contributing to greater comfort for city dwellers.

For the Work & Craft category, we have focused on organic materials, functionality, and attention to detail. Our Jogger Cargo Pants look great at the office, and with their relaxed styling you can go straight to your farm after work without needing to change. Casually styled Linen Cotton Jackets match well with Polo Shirts in the bright hues of fresh produce harvested from rooftops.