Even men go to skin clinic. There are lots of beauty clinics in the country offering skin treatments for men. The washing of our face of bar soap or facial wash and putting skin care products  are not enough to treat our skin problems. The experienced dermatologist, high- end equipment and well-trained staff will definitely help you  to prevent or treat your skin irregularities such as acne, pimples, wrinkles, uneven-skin tone, oiliness, among others.


Recently, I visited the 2-year old skin clinic named Luminisce to have consultation and treat my skin problems. The skin clinic is located at the 2nd Floor of Mercury  Drug Building Across St. Luke in Bonifacio Global City. It has glass door and wall with sophisticated furniture provides an elegant and comfy ambiance to the skin clinic.

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Dr. Kaycee Reyes, a London-trained dermatologist and health advocate, welcomed me with her beautiful smile. She accompanied me together with her staff in the consultation room. I asked a lot of  questions about my skin problems. For so many years, no products and treatments that can cure acne and oiliness of my face.

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Before the treatment, Dr. Kaycee discussed about why some of us get skin problems like acne, pimples, wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin and so on. She also gave me interesting information why I got these irregularities on my skin which opened my mind that I need to be stress-free and use the right skin care products to prevent breakout on my skin.

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The beautiful Maricar, a registered nurse, started to do the Luxury Facial on my face. I really love this pain -free procedure. It begins with a soothing facial cleanse, using a specialized cleansing agent. The cleanser is in liquid or gel form spread on my skin. After the cleaning part, she massaged my face for 15 mins. Honestly, I’m a bit going to sleep that time because the massage was very relaxing.

Then, skin- nourishing vitamins are absorbed in the skin via SONOphoresis,  a process wherein ultrasound waves seep nutrients into the skin removing blackheads and white heads along the way. After, electric current safely pass through the skin using the a special machine to lift and revitalize skin. The best part part of this this extra-ordinary facial, it uses an O2jet. It’s an oxygenating machine releases cool pressurized oxygen into the skin to hydrate and open pores. I’m freezing that time because of the cold water running through each pores of my skin

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Everyone knows I’m a traveler. Most of the time, I go into mountaineering and beach hopping. These activities make my skin dull and uneven. I tried the Conquille Peel of Luminisce. It uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) derived from natural fruit and food extracts which effectively normalize the skin’s natural exfoliating and hydrating properties. This procedure shredded the rough skin and restoring the skin’s moisture levels. The  Conquille Peel makes my skin clear and glowing.

Sad to say I’m one of the millions who are suffering from acne. It’s really frustrating when you look at the mirror and you see your face with pimples and acne scar. Dr. Kaycee recommended the Acne Surgery and Rejuve Clear Laser by Palomar. These procedures will help to remove fine lines, deep acne scars and other skin imperfections.

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In Acne Surgery, Maricar removed my  whiteheads though Pricking. I’m a bit nervous before she started this procedure. Some of the  skin clinics in the Metro that I tried, the Pricking part brings tears to my eyes. It’s really painful. Good thing, Maricar handled with care my skin. Kudos to her I  don’t feel the extreme pain of Pricking. She gently removed whiteheads, especially on my nose, using a US-made tool for Pricking.

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The Rejuve Clear Laser by Palomar is Lumnisce’s Pore Refining Program that will help to treat scarred, uneven and discolored skin. We went to a room, turned off  the light and put a cover on my eyes. Dr. Kaycee  gave me first proper expectation on what’s going to happen on this procedure. I’m a bit scared because she told me it’s a bit painful. This was first time to try laser. There’s a bit pain but it’s tolerable. It’s just like the current from the laser piercing the tissues my skin. I felt the burning effect on my large pores after the procedure.  Don’t worry guys, the Rejuve Clear Laser by Palomar is not that painful.

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Meanwhile, Luminisce offers nonsurgical procedures that slow down the skin’s aging process like Botox, Mesotherphy, Age Reverse by Juvederm, Clear Laser Peel by Spextra Xt, Thermalift, Threadlift, Age-Protect Drip, Elixir, among others. The skin clniic has also Shape + Sculpt Program that will bring back your curves such as Carboxytheraphy, Mesolipo, Meso Sculptor Duo, Thermasculpt and Endermolgy.

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After all the procedures done to my skin,  I noticed immediately the excellent result. My face looks fair and glowing. Some of the large pores on my face became smaller. Thank you  Dr. Kaycee for educating me on #skinvesting or investing in my skin. I learned a lot. Thank you also to Ms. Maricar for  providing an excellent customer service. Both of you did a great job!

Visit LUMINiSCE at the 2nd Floor Mercury Drug building across St Luke Hospital in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

For more information, check their Luminisce‘ official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/luminisce, follow them on twitter at @luminisceSkin and Instagram at @LuminisceOfficial. You may call them at 02-5118500 or 0915-979-4661 for other inquiries.

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