Matteo Guidicelli topbills Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy

We see Matteo Guidicelli playing different roles in television and movie. Most of the time, he plays the role of a leading man in a drama series. It’s a good thing Matteo always justified whatever the roles he’s playing.


Together with the people from the press and friends from Mentos Philippines, I recently watched the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy which topbill by Matteo Guidicelli. It’s a mini movie that shows Matteo’s multi-faceted persona. It also features a different kind of candy needs a different kind of leading man.

Hosted by DJ Gee Canlas, the event was held last March 20 in the newly-build Century City Mall in Makati City.

Matteo Guidicelli and Gee Canlas
Benjamin Verhulsel- Marketing Head For Perfetti Van Melle Export Fareast and Philippine Markets

While watching the Matteo Guidicelli Thrillogy, I’m eating the new Mentos Strawberry Mix. It has three surprising flavors are perfectly packed in one roll. Flavors include Sour Strawberry, Vanilla Strawberry and Classic Strawberry. I really like the reliable simplicity taste of Classic Strawberry flavor.


The first movie we watched has a title The Thrill of the Chase. It’s a story of an active and energetic Matteo doing a lot of actions. The setting of the movie is inside a virtual game. Joining him on this movie are two very special strawberry-headed, Mentos Strawberry Hitmen. As you watch him run, swim, and practically do everything he can to earn honorary stuntman stripes, you’re sure to get a refreshing kick like you would from a Sour Strawberry dragee inside Mentos Strawberry Mix.

The 2nd of the three webisodes has title “The Thrill of Declaring Your Love.” It shows the romantic side of Matteo, playing the role of a good looking Italian guy. It also features the very famous Mona Lisa.  You’ll definitely find Matteo “The Italian Lover” just as irresistible as the full flavor of Sweet Vanilla

The last movie shows the the super nice character of Matteo.” In the The Thrill of Being Real movie, there’s no denying the “Boy Next Door” charisma he exudes even without all the frills and his down-to-earth appeal will win you over like the uncomplicated delightfulness of Classic Strawberry flavor.

Among the three movies, I like the most “The Thrill of Declaring Your Love. It’s a romantic movie with a bit of comedy. I’m sure you will love him more when you heard him speaking with  Italian accent.


Because, really, why settle for the ordinary when you can triple the thrill? And Mentos has, through the years, taught us to get a kick out of the simplest things, and make every day a chance to live out loud and live fresh.

It’s a kind of magic that’s found in every Perfetti Van Melle product—the European company that prides itself in pushing the envelope of candy excellence around the world. Other famous brands like Fruittella, Smint, Alpenliebe and Chupa Chups are stamped with the same flavor of fun that Perfetti Van Melle has made its calling card.

Catch Matteo the Action Star, Matteo the Italian Lover and Matteo the Boy Next Door on the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy on

These three webisodes will be aired soon on the Philippine television.

Watch the Mentos Strawberry Mix Thrillogy Sneak Peek below:

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