Mikoy Morales launches second single “Sana”

Mikoy Morales recently launched its second single “Sana,” a song about the kind of love that no closure can cease.


In the recent blogcon held at the Conspiracy Garden Cafe, the singer-songwriter/actor shared his music to fellow music lovers. He serenaded the guests with beautiful covers of Codplay’s song, Yellow and Troy Sivan’s song, Youth as well his originals. He also shared the reason why he inspired to write his latest single.

“Ang lyrics nito, tungkol ito sa time nung I was going to have break-up. Although it’s closed, parang umasa pa rin ako, ito ung times na nagsusulat ako at talagang nagkikita pa rin kami..so it hurts pero friends pa rin kami. Andun pa rin yung hindi nawawala yung thought na my chance pa rin,”  said Mikoy.

During the event, Mikoy’s friends also performed on stage. They sang their original songs and had duet with Mikoy. Their senti songs could touch your heart which will surely give you the feels.


When you hear “Sana”, there are lots of things that will come up to your mind specially for those who are recovering from breakup. Some of you have been there. You go through a breakup and all you want to do is lie on your bed, reminiscing a lot of things and hoping there’s another chance. It’s a senti song but it may not actually make you feel very sad at all. You can appreciate the sad emotions conveyed by Mikoy. It’s great a song to listen.

Mikoy Morales became popular when he joined the reality show/talent search in GMA, the Protege. Since then, Mikoy has been active in performing, acting in films, TV, and theater and has never lost the drive to make music. He has been involved in producing concerts, musical directing,, scoring, and has written songs commercially and for his home network.

Meanwhile, Mikoy is currentlt part of GMA show, D’Originals playing the role Tim, the discreetly gay eldest son of Josie and Lando who is having a secret relationship with Darren played by Elysson De Dios.

Watch Mikoy Morales video below singing live for his new single “SANA”

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