Minami Minegishi’s Teary Apology for Dating

Minami Minegishi, Japanese idol actress and singer, as well as member of the group AKB48, became the center of news headlines after she shaved her head and released a video asking forgiveness to her AKB48 members,  family, friend and fans.

Minami Minegishi
Minami Minegishi

The Japanese pop group has strict rule “no boys” in each member of the band. They need to maintain the image that they are single and available to keep fans more interested on their band.

The 20-year-old member of the Japanese pop group AKB48 asked for forgiveness on the video.

“I’m sorry for making my band members, all the fans, the staff and my family worry. I apologize to all of them. If it is possible, I wish from the bottom of my heart to stay in the band,” Minegishi cried.

“Everything I did is entirely my fault…I am actually so sorry…I don’t believe that just by doing this it means I can be forgiven for what I did, but the first thing I thought was that I don’t want to quit AKB48, thank you for listening” -Minami Minegishi

The issue started after Local tabloids published photos of Minegishi dating her dancer-boyfriend Alan Shirahama.

Watch the Minami Minegishi viral  video below:

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