In the Philippines, under nutrition is a big problem. According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, 31.2% of children aged 5-10 years old are underweight (2015). This means that almost a third of children do not get the right nutrition for their growing mind sand bodies.

With this challenge in mind, Mondelez Philippines works to help provide access to fresh food to children in need. Most recently, it has partnered with Rise Against Hunger, an organization focused on helping end hunger, improve food security and reduce food wastage.

“Our initiatives include feeding programs for schools in locations nationwide,community food donations and the Good Food Grocer,” shares Jomar Fleras, Executive Director of Rise Against Hunger Philippines. “The Good Food Grocer is the first food bank social franchise in the Philippines.” A food bank is a place where stocks of food are supplied free to people in need.

“Located in Taguig City, we accept donations of food from companies and individuals.We then provide these to families in need. We also provide livelihood programs to develop food products, establish community gardens as a source of fresh food and provide nutrition education classes to help improve cooking and eating practices,” Fleras continues.

As a global food company, maker of the world’s favorite snacks like Tang powdered beverage, Mondelez Philippines is committed to the same cause as Rise Against Hunger.