Mt.Pinatubo 4×4 Ride goes to Extreme

Not all of us like to join to extreme sports. Maybe you prefer a light activity as biking, boating, trekking and other activities from medium to high-demanding outdoor extreme sports. Riding on a 4×4 is one of the newest extreme outdoor- sports that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years.

Unlike many people who wants to buy their own vehicle to drive on regular roads, personally, I want to buy 4×4 (if I have given a chance) to feel extreme and make something different. I’ll have the freedom to drive on the road and drive where there are no roads to be found.

Going to magnificent crater of Mt. Pintubo is one way to experience the thrill and adventure on a 4X4 jeep. It’s advisable to go there in a group (5 pax/jeep) for more saving trip. You need to register on the Pinatubo Spa Town which is also the first stop to the jump-off point going to the summit of Mt. Pinatubo.

The intense is on as you aboard on a bulky type 4x 4 jeep passing through the endless plains of lahar, lava rocks, rocky roads, streams and canyons. Try to hold tight on each side of the bars on the passenger area which is also open air for the best view of the place. You will extremely bump and shake. Be ready as well from the spitting up mud and dust from the wheels of .4×4. So it’s better to bring an extra shirt- whether you like or not, you’re bound to be get dirt.

Do some trick or style on how you can take the best shot of views along your way going to jump-off point. You really need to hold your camera tightly as the 4×4 cranking on the streams. Protect your camera from dust and other particles which extremely just around the area.

The stunning 4×4 brings together a great combination of thrill and excitement. A 4×4 Ride Adventure is an unforgettable experience that will take you to some breathtaking scenery is not often seen by tourists