My First Run in 2013- the 7-Eleven Run 800

It’s been a long time I joined to a Fun Run. Honestly, running is my second sport (badminton is my first love lolz). I’m not that competitive to finish the line with a medal. That’s why all I want is to have fun while running with my friends. Perhaps, I’m also joining on this activity because it helps me to keep fit and healthy. It’s a fulfillment as well every time I break my running time records.

7-Eleven Run 800
7-Eleven Run 800

Today, I joined the 7-Eleven Run 800. The event was hold at Aseana City, near SM Mall of Asia. This Fun Run is to celebrate 7-Eleven’s 800th store. WOW!  No doubt about this because anywhere you can find 7-11.

The event distances are from 3KM to 21KM. The 3KM, 5KM and 10KM are each divided in to three group-Competitive, Advanced and Beginner/Casual. The registration fees are from Php 350 to Php 750.

Doc, Don, Lyn, Pinoy Manila, Vlad and Brian- photographer Pablo
Doc, Don, Lyn, Me, Vlad and Brian- photographer Pablo

I ran 5Km. Why? Because I don’t have practice lolz.. Somehow I can run up to 15km but just to make sure I will not get injured, I decided to sign up for 5K event. Anyway..I will always update you guys on the progress of my run.

While running, I tried to observe everyone. It’s nice to see families, group of friends, running buddies, couples, and kids running together. I love watching these happiness. I saw some runners were very competitive. They were very focus.  Some were just on the PETIX mode or should I say on the chillax mode.  But the goal of each participant is to finish the line.

Unlimited Powerade lolz
Unlimited Powerade lolz
Korean guy who is running barefoot.. 'astig'
Korean guy who is running barefoot.. ‘astig’

My time record was 31 mins.. not bad for 5KM! Right? Maybe I might get less than 30 mins if I did not consumed some of time taking pictures and lots of walking. No woorries..this my way to  prevent muscle cramps hehehe. (what’s the connect?????)

Food Trip after the Run “Super Busog”

After I finished the line, I got my loot bag. Inside the bag was finisher shirt and tumbler. My friends and I headed to each booth to have some snacks. We got Selecta’s Ice cream on stick, refreshing Gatorade, Fit and Right and Pocari, deliciously Mister Donut, Century Tuna on flakes and others. It’s really food trip galore. Would you believe I ate 6 ice cream on sticks? I’m so really “matakaw” hehe. Sorry guys.. but I love ice cream so much (SG accent)!

While eating our free food, we watched some of the activities on the stage. Some of the runners joined on the contest prepared by the host of the event. We also witnessed graceful moves from the cheer dancers on stage.

Whatta bangs Lolz. nerdy look?. I’m wearing 7-11’s singlet, , necklace from SM Accessories, shoes from Fila, watch from Spyder, short from my friend- lolz and eye glass from the bazaar

Just to inform you guys…the 7-eleven 800 Run is my first RUN in 2013. This is really unforgettable because I went home “Super Busog” lolz.

Thanks to Rundy (one of my badminton peeps) for giving free race kit and Martin (I called him badz) for informing me about this run. Because of you guys, I will not be on this very cool Fun Run. I would like also to thank Lyn, Brian, Vlad, Doc, Don, Pablo, Hermie, James for joining me. You made my day so happy 🙂 See you on the next Run.

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