Planning to send money to a bank account? These days, going to any bank may take half your day. You may get stuck in traffic on your trip to your branch, then have to wait in a long queue for your number to be called. And then, the charges: in some banks, it costs P50 pesos to send money to another bank account.

But thankfully, there is an option. Through mobile wallet GCash, users may send money to banks through a few taps on their mobile phones. There’s no traffic, no long queues and no fees.

Whether you are sending money to a loved one or paying for an online purchase, GCash has a bank transfer feature linked to 42 banks, including the biggest institutions.

It’s easy to use.

First, cash in. There are several options. You may do so over the counter in convenience like 7-Eleven, payment facilities like Bayad Center and LBC, and pawnshops like Palawan Express. The most convenient, though, is to link your bank account, then transfer cash from there into your GCash account.

To transfer funds, tap the Send Money option on your app and choose the Send Money To Bank Account option. From there, find the bank of your recipient among the partner banks; enter the cash, account name and number and where to send the receipt; and tap Send Money.

It’s that easy! It takes just a few minutes from the convenience of wherever you are, whether your office, home or even in the car, at any time you choose. Sending is real-time, too, so your recipient gets the cash instantly.

There is just no reason NOT to switch to GCash for your bank transactions. It saves time, energy and spares you from the extra charges.