OraCare launches Kathryn Bernardo as brand ambassador, newest campaign “It’s Real Good for Me”

Did you know that the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body with more than 400 types of bacteria? Yes, you read right it! There are lots of bacteria that stay on our mouth causing strong mouth odors.

Kathryn Bernardo for OraCare

OraCare, a Filipino brand mouthwash, recently launched Kathryn Bernardo as the brand ambassador, giving a face to the brand’s newest campaign “It’s Real Goof For Me.”

The launching event was graced by members of the press, bloggers, online community and friends from OraCare and Pascual Laboratories.  It was hosted by 143 member, Anjo Resurreccion.

Kathryn Bernardo

During the event,  the beautiful Teen Queen shared what she wants and and what’s good for her– things that will help her achieve her dreams. Kathryn said her favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. She mentioned  “The Last Song” is her favorite in Sparks’ vast book collection because it didn’t just focus on romance, but also on family relationships, specifically father-daughter love.

The 19 year-old actress cited that her favorite food is Pizza and Chicken because there are like comfort food for her. She also added  John Johnson’s music and her cute dogs  make her feel good every day.

Kathryn also confessed she’s “OC” when it comes to her hygiene, especially her oral health.  She’s using the OraCare mouthrinse as her daily mouthwash.  The  young actress shared  she loves OraCare because it doesn’t have alcohol and the burning sensation and strong aftertaste. Apart from that, she’s confident that OraCare provide for  he real mouth clean despite it’s water-like taste.

Kathryn Bernardo OraCare

Meanwhile, the brands newest campaign with Kathryn aims to inspire the younger generation to be conscious about their oral hygiene as early possible and adopt the habit of choosing things that will good for them. It will provide them with that extra boost of confidence to achieve more awesome things in life

“Parang ngang OraCare is the mouthwash for our generation- it’s convenient to use, walang hassle gamitin dahil walang sting yet very effective. It’s modern and trendy,” said by Kathryn.

On the other hand,  Mykah Lamorena Talag  of OaraCare discussed interesting information about OraCare. She shared OraCare is the first No Alcohol, No Sting, No color mouthwash in the Philippines. The product has been in the market for 10 years already, providing the Filipinos a decade of the easiest and most effective way to have a real clean and healthy mouth.

OraCare Review

OraCare Mouthrinse is surprisingly like water but it is a powerful mouthwash. It not only kills oral bacteria, but also degrades volatile sulfur compounds. essentially eliminating the main source of strong mouth odors.

The Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is the unique feature of OraCare. It’s a non alcohol, anti bacterial and oxidizing agent (produces oxygen) that goes straight to the root of the problem. It kills bad bacteria in  the mouth, neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds that cause strong mouth odors, does not sting and does not stain teeth.

The mouthwash comes in three variants- Regular, Cool and Merrymint. It’s available in 80ml, 250ml and 500ml.

Together with the launching event, OraCare also announced they got the new World Record holder for most people gargling simultaneously.  The brand also introduced the latest TV commercial of OraCare featuring Kathryn Bernardo.

Watch Oracare PH TVC below:

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