Order your favorite food and daily essentials with foodpanda

Whether you’re missing your favorite comfort food or you need something from the grocery store quickly, there’s no need to head out because the country’s on-demand delivery service foodpanda got you covered.

Instead of worrying about a grocery run, stressing about the weather, or dreading the long lines or avoiding the covid 19 virus, it’s advisable to order your essentials online. You can download the foodpanda app for FREE via PlayStore or App Store. There are lots of shops available on the app. From bread, meats, seasonings, spices, to anything canned, foodpanda presents a great way of shopping for your daily essentials.

No time to cook food? No worries, foodpanda got your back. From your favorite sinigang, to sisig and even some classic pork barbeque, the app got your back. How about Spicy Korean noodles, freshly roasted chicken, or maybe pasta and pizza? foodpanda got you covered.

Download the foodpanda app now and get your favorite food and enjoy up to 50% off and free delivery for selected restaurants and shops.

Marco Dennis

Marco Dennis is an adventurous lifestyle and travel blogger. Follow his adventures at www.thepinoytraveler.com. For events, collaboration and advertisement, email him at dhenzuki@yahoo.com

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