Run! Run! Run!

There are many reasons why somebody starts running and also, many that keeps them running for years. Personally, I really enjoy this sport. I started running since I was in elementary. That time, I don’t know the benefits of running that can give to me and to everyone. All I know is just to enjoy the run with my classmates.

There are fun runs and running events almost every weekend around the Metro. Most of them are  fun runs -a friendly race that involves road running with participants taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition. I must say, I’m always part of it- to have fun, to enjoy and to help for a charity.

On Running, you will get a lot of experience that is natural.

  • Running is a natural way to lose weight.  No medications.  No technology. No Expensive Equipments.
  • Running is a natural way to discover different places. No wheels. No Gas.
  • Running is a natural way in strengthening your Immune System. More Power  to live long.

As a Runner……

  • No Pain no Glory!!  We have let our muscles adapt to this stress. Not a bad stress but a good stress that will give us a lifetime of fitness.
  • Be patient!!  Your body adapts. You won’t lose weight instantly.. but it takes time…so give it time.
  • Just Follow!! You can take advice from the experts.. though it is easy to still need knowledge about it.
Running  Tips
  • Don’t jog without  shoes or using slippers. It will only cause injury to your feet
  • Use a quality pair of running shoes. I used before a cheap pair shoes (my shoe size is 8 1/2) which cause a severe heel pain and it really hurts.
  • Wear comfortable clothes like jersey (running singlet)
  • Do a warm up before running
  • Be aware of the safety precautions about running
  • Don’t forget to bring water

Things to be consider in buying running shoes

  • Price-Sometimes we choose affordable items over the expensive ones and in the end, our money was just put to waste.  We sometimes get the wrong choice of affordable yet poorly made shoes. Check on the product’s price but do not forget to make sure that item is made from durable materials
  • Size of your feet Make sure that what you are going to buy perfectly fits your feet even when there are socks on.
  • Durability-It should be durable enough to withstand any factors that might ruin its good performance.
  • Comfort – Consider the comfort that the running shoes can provide for your feet
On Running

Good News to Everyone. There will a new running shoes arriving in the Philippines soon. So let’s all watch out for that!

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