Global warming seems one of the hot topic nowadays, and some associations and companies are looking several ways to raise the awareness of effects of global warming and how to prevent this climate catastrophe. It’s getting hotter and hotter every year and most of us already experienced the frequent extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall with floods, heat waves, droughts, and heavy snowfall. Everyone should take actions to heal the planet!

Global warming issue is perhaps the greatest threat to this planet. A lot of us are helping to fight this one of the major problems on earth . One of the brands that promote the awareness of on global warming and risks is LOUIS XIII Cognac. With its new project, LOUIS XIII Cognac partnered with renowned singer and producer Pharrell Williams for a creative project that aims to preserve nature for the future. Pharell created a unique musical composition, “100 Years”- The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care – that will not be released until 2117.

“The original song is a creative expression of the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the effect humans have on their environment. Each decanter of LOUIS XIII represents the life achievement of generations of cellar masters, so LOUIS XIII must always think a century ahead.”

LOUIS XIII released a video featuring Pharell Williams, who narrated his artistic project with LOUIS XIII Cognac. The American singer, songwriter, record producer, and film producer shared a teaser of of his song that will publicly be released in 100 years. He also added that this song will be disappeared forever if global warming continues.

The exclusive track has been engraved on a unique clay vinyl made up of soil taken directly from LOUIS XIII vineyard in Cognac and and stored in the cellars of LOUIS XIII in a state-of-the-art safe specially designed by Fichet-Bauche that is only destructible when submerged in water. According to Pharell, his original piece of music will be heard in 2117 if we care about the planet. He added that we need to change our way of living to save Mother Earth.

If the global warming stop, the future generations will have a better environment and will definitely able to hear the song, “100 Years” by Pharrell Williams.

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This post has been presented by Louis XIII but all thoughts and opinions are my own.