4S1M-Yamaha Racing Team: People, Parts, & Passion

The 4S1M-Yamaha Racing Team powered by BRT and Racing Force kicked off its 2017 racing season at the Batangas Racing Circuit last April 29-30, 2017—all with the full backing of its sponsors: MDS, Panda, Racing Boy, FDR, MP, and Replica PRO. With many other teams fielding their own set of races across a series of different races and events, how does any one team stand out? For the 4S1M-Yamaha Racing Team, it all boils down to three things: people, parts, and passion. These three form the very heart and soul of the team, and each one contributes to the complete the character of the whole.

4S1M Yamaha Team

People: A Team United

For many racing teams, it’s the racers that stand out the most. That’s certainly the case with 4S1M where the trio of Herbert Lopez, Mark Djereck Ondillo, and Jeff Teopengco frontline the team. Lopez began his racing career at 15 years of age, and it was easy going from there as his entire family was into motorsports. Ondillo found a little more in the way of a challenge as his mother did not initially approve of his chosen sport. Teopengco started the latest in 2006 and was weighed down by the lack of sponsors. But what unites all three is the love for the sport they all had which pushed them onwards towards where they stand today. Read more about 4S1M-Yamaha Racing Team: People, Parts, & Passion