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There’s a saying that New Year’s Day is everyone’s birthday because it gives everyone a chance to start fresh, start over, and say goodbye to the bad things that’s happened in the past. The start of the year also brings with a feeling of positivity and an opportunity for change, that’s why we all have […]

Men usually don’t go around the mall to shop and explore grooming and hygiene items. They directly go to the area where they can get they want. It’s a good thing that Watsons has special area in its stores dedicated to men. In the recent event held in Watsons Podium, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer invited famous personalities, […]

Watsons, Asias’s leading health and beauty retailer, recently surprised shoppers with fabulous prizes who make the Switch and Save with the Switcher’s Surprise Campaign. The latest campaign brings to life the idea that by switching to the Watsons label, customers are able to save money for things that they really want or that matters the […]

“When it comes to health, would you choose SAVINGS or QUALITY?” Some of you will choose “Savings” and others will choose “Quality,” which will depend on the budget and needs. For those on a tight budget,  most of them will choose “Savings”  and for those who are not concern about the price of the medicine, most probably […]