The game of the Philippine Punishers and D-League

Who among of you are playing football? Ooopps..I’m not talking about the game with the boys running around the field and kicking a round ball. I’m talking about the American football, the game of the warriors. Why I say it is game of warriors? Simply because they are like  warriors who are using full of strength to win the battle.


Before the Philippine Punishers competes with the Guam All Stars, I was invited to watch an exhibition game with the members of the Punishers, D-League and some football enthusiasts at the ASCOMM Field, Fort Bonifacio in Taguig.

punishers-vs guam

I think this game is not for everybody. The first thing you need to consider is to have passion on this kind of sport, secondly if you’re ready to receive all the pains during the game. I’m not telling not join into this kind of sport. I’m just telling you guys this is not an easy sport. You must be physically fit before entering this game. But you know what this is really a cool sport because this is an exciting and intense game. If you become part of this game, you’re a certified ASTIG!

Honestly, I want a challenging sport jut like the American football. For me this is a very unique sport. I want to join on this sport but I think my resistance is not ready for this game. I also need to build my muscles first hehe..


Anyway, I think if you want to know about the Philippine Punishers, you should ask its head coach Tim Beasley. He knows everything about the American Football and of course the Punishers. The team has a record of 7 wins and 1 loss and has already earned themselves a reputation across Asia.

The Punishers are a squadron composed of professionals of all kinds, nationalities from all over, and men of all sizes with a single quality in common- a passion for the game. These players dedicate nearly all of their spare time to the advancement of the sport on and off the field. When they’re not playing abroad, they’re training players here in the developmental league.

Tim Beasley- Head Coach of the Philippine Punishers
Tim Beasley


I mentioned a while ago about  the D-League.  This is a collection of four developmental teams that train and play here in Manila- the Bears, the Panthers, the Raiders, and Legion. Their objective is to strengthen players’ fundamental skills, building them up to Punishers level. Essentially, it’s what you’d call a farm league. A new crop of players is always growing, preparing to play internationally.


Both the Punishers and the D-League are organized and run by the American Football Association of the Philippines. The AFFP was founded in 2011 by four Filipinos and one American- Mark Marigomen, Jaime Vergara III, Manu Hoque, Angel Uy, and Steve Smith. Since then, the organization has grown to include members from all over the Philippines and the world, many of whom play for the Punishers. These men have a shared vision of what American Football can be to the Philippine culture.

harry k thomas-ambassador-us-to-the-philippines-punishers
US Ambassador Harry k Thomas together with the Philippine Punishers and D- League


I also spotted US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr in the football  field. He’s really a cool guy. Now I know he loves watching football.


And guys, don’t forget to watch the game between Philippine Punishers and Guam All-Stars on June 29, 2013 at the ASCOMM Field in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Come and cheer our number one team as they take down their archenemy.

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