The Praxis Game by BPI-Philam

BPI-Philam extends their advocacy of financial literacy this Bancassurance Month by hosting a Praxis game and dinner for bloggers. BMC Head Monique Castro opens the program with a BPI-Philam “Good morning!”

Lois Celorico, BPI-Philam’s Head of Personal Segment and the evening’s game master, briefs players on the mechanics of Praxis.

PRAXIS is a unique gameplay which engages players through a simulation of their financial life. In the game, players learn how to manage their finances wisely through insurance, investments, and savings. With this fun and dynamic board game, financial planning is effectively made easier to understand then emulate in real life.

Similar to real life, Praxis holds many surprises that could catch unprepared players off guard or boost their chances of success—the player with the most money in the end wins.

Players liquidate the assets they’ve accumulated throughout the game to determine the winner.

For the night’s overall winner, James Humarang, investing in personal development, health, and stocks became the key to winning . Humarang boldly took risks throughout the entire game which paid off greatly in the end

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