The story of ‘Dance of the Steel Bars’ (Review)

Last June 10, I attended the star-studded premiere of ‘Dance of the Steel Bars’ staring Dingdong Dantes and Patrick Bergin, happened at the SM Megamall.

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Dance of the Steel Bars’ is centered to a guy named Mando (Dingdong Dantes), a convicted murderer who denies his passion for dancing just to prove his masculinity. It also follows the story of Frank Parish (Patrick Bergin) a retired US fireman who finds himself wrongly accused of murder to a teenager guy and Allona (Joey Paras), a transsexual who always feels she didn’t do something right.


The movie was created and inspired based on the story of the YouTube sensation’s Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) Dancing inmates. The prison is best known for its rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video which received more than 2 million views.

Other than the main characters, the movie also talks about the actual events in a Filipino prison- in short, the real happenings inside a prison. It shows the activities of prisoners on the daily basis. The positive and negative images of a prison tackle on the movie too!

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Dance of the Steel Bars’ cast members are Dingdong Dantes as Mando, Patrick Bergin as Frank, Joey Paras as Allona, Mon Confiado as Gudo, Ricky Davao as Warde Rodrigo Yumul, Kathleen Hermosa as Lulu, Thou Reyes as Dong, Gabe Mercaro as Deputy Warden Diaz, Maila Damian as Ana, Renee Salud as Charity, and special participation of Gwen Garcia as herself (as Gov. Gwen Garcia) and Marian Rivera.

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Kudos to the directors and writers of the movie. It was a movie with substance that can touches everyone’s feeling about the real situation of prisoners in a prison.  The casting and story are really awesome. The movie is not boring because it’s a combination of comedy, drama and action.

It’s good to know that Dingdong Dantes can move gracefully. I thought he’s only good in acting but he’s also good in dancing. Oopps. I forget..he became part of an all-male dance group called Abztract Dancers that’s why he’s very good in dancing. Patrick Bergin plays an important role on the movie, actually he have a good connection with his co-stars in terms of acting. Joey Paras’ role really gives additional excitement in the movie.

Congrats also to Mon, Ricky, Kathleen, Thou, and Kathleen, all of you did a great job!

The short appearance of Marian Rivera gave smile not only to me but also the movie goers attended the premiere.

The film is directed by Cesar Apolinario and Marnie Manicad.

Dance of the Steel Bars’ is now showing in all theaters nationwide.

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