Top 6 Reasons to Buy Appliances Online

Over the last few years, e-commerce has experienced a significant boom in the Philippines. Where before there were only a few well-known “web shops,” today there are both huge online marketplaces and thousands of independent sellers.

What’s more, the variety of things you can buy online has significantly expanded. From makeup and personal care supplies, to fresh produce and home needs, you can definitely find an online store for anything and everything.

You can even buy all kinds of appliances online, too. It doesn’t matter if you need to buy an energy-efficient refrigerator or want a new smartphone you can use for work and play. Online appliance stores will make your search easy and your transactions as smooth as possible.

It’s perfectly understandable if you’re a little wary of buying appliances online since you can’t inspect the products and test them. However, this shouldn’t be a complete deal breaker. In fact, there are actually a lot of reasons why you should give online appliance shopping a chance. Here are a few:

There Are a Lot of Trusted Sellers

One of the biggest fears of online shoppers is getting fooled by scammers. This is particularly true when buying appliances, especially big-ticket ones, because they cost a lot more money. Luckily, there are a lot of reliable sellers like Robinsons Appliances. When you buy from these trusted names, you can be sure that you won’t be scammed. More importantly, you can be sure that you’re going to get high-quality products.

In addition, buying your appliances from trusted online sellers gives you access to comprehensive warranties. This way, if something goes wrong, you won’t have any issues with repairs, replacements, and returns.

It’s Simply Easier to Buy Online

One of the first things you have to do when buying appliances is to research. Doing this will ensure that you’ll get a product that perfectly suits your needs, as well as your style preference. Once you’ve done your research and picked out the appliance you want, it’s so much easier to make the purchase online. All you have to do is visit your preferred seller, add the product to your cart, and pay for your purchase.

Alternatively, you can perform an internet search for the product you want and find a trusted e-commerce site where it’s available. Either way, you’ll have a much simpler experience when you shop online than when you shop in-store.

It’s More Convenient

For big appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, buying online means that the delivery is already part of the process. This is unlike buying in-store, where you still need to fill out forms or make separate arrangements. When you make a purchase online, it’s immediately understood that you’re going to have it delivered to your specified address.

This might seem like a small thing, but it actually makes the experience more seamless. In addition, buying online may also mean an earlier delivery, especially in Metro Manila and nearby provinces like Cavite and Laguna.

There’s a Wider Range of Choices

When you buy appliances in-store, your selection will be limited to the products already on display. If the product you want is not available, you’ll have to go to another branch or visit another store entirely. When you buy appliances online, this isn’t so much of a problem because a website doesn’t have to have a physical storefront.

This only means that you have access to a wider range of options. From refrigerators and ovens to air conditioners and smart TVs, you can browse to your heart’s content. Websites also provide all the information you need about the products they sell, so you’ll know everything you need to know before you make a purchase.

There Are a Lot of Good Deals

Online sellers usually have special offers for customers who shop through their websites, like free delivery or additional discounts. More often than not, there are also online exclusives to encourage shoppers to buy from the website. These kinds of deals are definitely a good thing for the bargain-loving Pinoy.

It’s Safe

When you shop online, you dramatically reduce the risk of theft. In addition, trusted online shopping sites have safeguards in place to protect your identity and financial information. These security measures help prevent fraud, particularly to those who use their credit cards to pay for their purchases. It’s also easier to trace online transactions, should there be any issues. You don’t need to keep physical receipts, since there are emails and other electronic messages that you can save on your computer or smartphone.

Shopping online is also better for your health. Not only are you not exposed to pollutants, but you’re also more protected against disease-causing microorganisms like airborne viruses.

What you have to keep in mind is that buying appliances online is just like buying other products: you just have to “add to cart” and pay. It’s simple, fast, and you can do it right from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, appliances are usually occasional and/or big-ticket purchases. Unless you’re changing your TV or refrigerator every month, you only have to buy appliances once a year or even less frequently. This means fewer chances of overspending on monthly shopping sprees.

The next time you’re in need of a home appliance, consider buying them online. You’ll be glad that you did.

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