When I was a kid,  I saw my father fixing some things in our kitchen. He used a lot of tools like pliers, screwdriver, cable cutter, cushion grip, hammer, electrical wires and duct tapes. As much I wanted to help him, he let me to stay at his right side and just look what his doing.  I told myself that I can do it when I grow up.

Hanns Tape Review

I live far away from my family. Most of the time, I do everything including cleaning the house and fixing furniture and all the electric works. Every time, I break something, I fix it by myself. I want to be practical as much as possible. Good thing I found Hanns products to help me to fix broken things inside my home. This tape also helps me to repair damage on my travel essentials.

Let me share you where you can use the Hanns Tape:

Repair a sofa/ mattress– If there’s a damage on your leather sofa or mattress, you can use the Hanns Duct Tape to cover the broken part. It avoids the damage to get worst.

Fix a cracked bottle/ glass – You can use Hanns tape to cover the crack of the glass. Make sure the outside of the bottle is completely dry before covering it with duct tape.

Sealed a box- If your are going to seal a big or small box, Hanns is the best tape to use. It secures the box and items.

Repair a tent– When I stay overnight in mountain, I always make sure I have my own tent. There are instances my tent gets damage because of pointed rocks and shrubs with sharp stems and leaves. I use Hanns tape to cover the hole with a patch. I also use Hanns to tape the broken tent pole.

Hanns Tape

Repair a sleeping bag– Aside from my tent, I also bring a sleeping bag. I noticed there’s a hole on my sleeping bag. I’m not exactly sure where it came from. Good thing I have  Hanns Duct tape to cover it.

Reseal bags of chips– Use Hanns Duct tape to seal up partially opened packages of food. Most of the time I use tape to seal the package of the chips.

Repairing book binding– One time, my brother needs  a duct tape for his book binding. Good thing I have Hanns which is perfect tape to use for repairing a broken book binding. It has really strong backing.

For First Aid–  The Hanns tape can use wrap up a sprained ankle or wrist. It can also help to protect blister.

Fix the duct– That’s why it’s called duct tape. It use to repair water pipes, electrical pipe, tubes, and other types of ducts.

Fix rain gutters – If there’s a leak on your rain Gutters, use Hanns Duct Tape to cover the damage.


  • Made of quality materials
  • Strong backing
  • Superior adhesive
  • Durable


  • It’s hard to find it in Hardware and Department store

Hanns Tape is available online via www.milesandlevels.com

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