With its teamwork and passion to capture the championship in NBA Finals, Dallas Mavericks were able to get the victor over the Miami Heats, 105-95 on Sunday night NBA Finals with 4-2 win in the best-of-7 series.

You heard it right! The Maverics are NBA Champions.

“Their time will come but now it’s our time,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said of the Heat.

Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki earned the finals MVP Award. He struggled in the first half, shooting 1 of 12, but finished the game well and added 21 points as Jason Terry scored 27 points. The Mavs were smarter on the court and have the determination to get the game 6 .They stuck together which validates, nothing is impossible if you have teamwork.

On other side, The Three Big Star fell down on its home court as LeBron played the part for most of the season and even throughout  the playoffs. He was carrying the Heat in the way people expectations will be a positive ending. But in the end, something will happen that will change the situations.

It was an exciting FINALS and looking forward more intense NBA GAMES.

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