If you’re looking at openings for Metro Manila jobs, you probably know at the back of your mind that a lot of the ones that seem too good to be true probably are. While there are plenty of legitimate openings out there, there is still the risk that you might waste your time on something that just isn’t what it’s made out to be.

Below are a few red flags that should make you extra wary about a job opening. If you see one or more of these during the application process, it might be a good idea to move on to something better.

1.) A poor reputation

While a business’s public reputation will not necessarily be an accurate representation of what it’s like, it’s never a bad idea to pay attention to news about the companies you’re planning to join. Frequent accusations of ethical breaches, for instance, are something to take especially seriously. Take the time to do your research and talk to people who have ties with the business, if you can.

2.) Bait and switch job offers

“Bait and switch” job offers are when the employer offers a certain salary range or job type in the posting to attract applicants only to offer a lower salary or an unrelated job.

This tactic is not only unethical but indicative of a work culture where lying and dishonesty are tolerated or encouraged. In the past, Filipino businesses were especially notorious for posting bait and switch job offers.

3.) Generic or highly-unusual job descriptions

We all know that it’s important to use the right wordings on your resume. The same thing applies to hiring managers that put up job listings. As with resumes, unusual and generic word choices, unrealistic expectations, discriminatory language, vague wording, or copy-pasted text are all a reason for one to be wary.

While these listings might just be the result of a hiring manager who didn’t understand what the job entails, chances are these listings had the input of your future manager and had to be signed off by the business owner or someone high up in the management chain. The amount of care that went to a job listing can, and often does, reflect on the amount of care you can expect from your future employers.

4.) Outdated recruitment and application process

An insistence on paper forms, red-tape, and pointless processes that wouldn’t be out of place 30 years ago is a sign that the business is not one that’s looking to innovate. Today, there are custom and off-the-shelf HR tools and solutions that should make the recruitment and application process easier than ever before. If just applying to a company is such a pain, just imagine what it would be like to work there.

5.) High turnover rates

Turnover rates have generally gone up at most organizations over the past few decades, so a “high turnover rate” doesn’t necessarily tell you the whole picture. A turnover rate that’s significantly higher compared to other businesses in the same industry, however, can be indicative of a toxic working environment.

Businesses don’t usually make it a point to share turnover rates, though, so you have to make a point of doing your research. Make sure to check company review sites as well as news articles about the company to gain an insight into what might be causing more employees to leave the business after such a short time. Make sure to keep an eye out for positions that are continually becoming open as well.

6.) A negative interview experience

If something doesn’t sit right with you at the job interview, that is already a good enough reason to reassess your options. Any kind of questionable behavior on the part of the interviewer or the other people you interact with can already be an indicator of the types of things you are likely to experience when you start working for the business.

7.) No contract

This is absolutely a reason for you to back off and walk away. There isn’t that much more that needs to be said.

8.) No word on specific on work hours and other basic expectations

This might be acceptable if you’re young, unattached, and interested in working with a small startup. Otherwise, working long hours, possibly unspecified and unpaid can immediately create a negative impact on your life. If the interviewer or business owner is not comfortable telling you about the work hours, the reason is probably not going one that’s good for you.


There are more awesome job opportunities in the Philippine job market than ever before. Unfortunately, we still need to keep on the lookout for job postings by employers you’d rather not be working for. By keeping an eye out for these common red flags, you’ll find it easier to snag the job you truly deserve. Be careful out there and good luck on your job hunt!

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