After the eruption of Mt. Pintubo in 1991, it formed into magnificent tourist attraction enjoyed not only by the mountaineers but also outdoor enthusiasts. The turquoise color water of the crater was really unique and extraordinary. You can take a dip and bathe to refreshed up after a long hours of trekking. The water is safe and has a content of sulfur which is not bad to skin, but if you have very sensitive skin, don’t take the risk just do other activities like boating and kayaking.

How to Get There

You can take a public transport (bus ) going to Ilocos Province, Pangasinan, Baguio or direct to Tarlac and drop off @ Capas Public Market. Travel time is 3-4 hours depending on the time of travel.

From market, you can take a jeepney or trike going to Pinatubo Spa Town in Sta. Juliana where Tourism Office and base camp of Capas Pintaubo Four-Wheelers Club Association are situated. You need to register and pay the Environmental Fee (Php 300) as well the guide fee (500 for 5 persons) and rent of a 4×4 jeep (2500/5 persons).

4×4 Adventure

The 4×4 ride takes about an hour on the old way or one and half hour  going to the Skyway Route.  The  4×4  jeep is open so expect to be dirt from dust and mud, and  bound to be wet when it rains.

Jump-Off Point

There are two jump-off  points going to the Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater. The old way is about 2-3 hours trekking and the Skyway jump-off point 45-60 minutes trekking. At present, the Skyway route is under construction so you need to take the old way.


  • It’s advisable to go in Mt Pinatubo during summer from April-June to be amaze on its blue-green water lake.
  • You can surf on net to some groups or organizations who are organizing group package Pinatubo Tour for more budget trip.
  • You can also avail the package tour of  Mt. Pinatubo Town Spa (+63928 3410402/(63-45) 493-0031) and Capas Pinatubo Four-Wheelers Club .
  • Travel in a group  ( 4×4 vehicles/ 5 persons)
  • Use rubber shoes instead slipper because the trail is too rocky and slippery. But expect your shoes will be wet
  • Bring a trail food and 1.5 liters of water (more trail water and food when you use the old way jump- off point)
  • Don’ forget to bring extra set of clothes and sunblock
  • You can take a massage (Php 500 in Pinatubo Spa Town after the long hours of trekking

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